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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Theological Science,* the Language of God, and Miracles. III

The development of the DNA Code by Francis Collins (under President Clinton) can be compared with the development of the fingerprint and voiceprint systems. These systems developed for law enforcement work. When I was a member of the research staff of the National Institute of Justice, US Department of Justice, the FBI developed a minutia fingerprint system, which extended the Henry System, and I evaluated the voiceprint system.

Unfortunately, the fingerprint system and the voiceprint system cannot prove exactly the origin of the print of fingers or the print of voices. Both systems are error-prone because no thing in the universe can be reduced to its physical origin. So, the use of data from these systems without other data explains why innocent people can be imprisoned.

The DNA Code represents all DNA of the human species. This code, which is extracted from the cell of the human body, represents the hereditary code of life. However, any cell in our bodies is just another thing in the universe. Thus, no cell can be reduced to its physical origin. So, like the fingerprint and voiceprint system, the DNA Code is error-prone that cannot be removed. The DNA code is thus misguiding our medical care system and is also misguiding our children’s education by teaching Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

After I retired, I wondered why law enforcement tools cannot be perfected. I found this answer when I proved that the origin of all finite things is an infinite thing, which we call God. This proof is found in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God.’

In a nation under God, the current law enforcement tools must be changed. Instead of merely ‘proving crimes,’ justice must ‘prevent crimes.’ This means that new law enforcement tools are needed. These new tools must focus on the human mind and its flaws. With these new tools, law enforcement and school teachers will become unified. But, these new tools already exist because these tools can be equated to the Laws of Nature (or sciences) and the Laws of Nature’s God (or morals). The US founders have placed these two laws in the Declaration of Independence. Doesn’t the US government read the founding document anymore?

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.


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