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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea 100 + XIV (Intelligent Design, VIb)

In this blog, I expand my discussion of contributions made by Jesus Christ to man’s knowledge of the Intelligence Design reminding you that Jesus Christ was not God in human clothes. Instead, I say that Jesus was a human being who decided to focus his life on the development of self knowledge and teaching it. So before I discuss other contribution of Jesus Christ on the Intelligence Design. I will discuss a major problem associated with self knowledge and its teaching.

When a person makes such a decision like Jesus did and actually develop new knowledge, history tells us that such a person can expect one or more followers (pupils or disciples) who write and record the teachings as best as they can. This occurred with Jesus and was thus able to organize the religion called Christianity.

Since man’s languages are written with symbols, the interpretations of teachings can be highly corrupted because the meanings of symbols are imprecise. In time, Jesus’ teaching did become corrupted because the teaching of Christianity came under the control of the Roman Church and its Popes. This control, or papal supremacy, froze the development of self knowledge during the Middle Ages when the Popes and the Schools misinterpreted Jesus teachings with Aristotle’s impotent logic. (See Blaise Pascal’s book on ‘The Provincial Letters’ about the awful use of Aristotle’ logic.)

In 1427, the Popes had a chance to correct this teaching problem by transferring supremacy to the Bishops. This added task to the Bishops would have widened the search for widely accepted religious syntheses by adding the thoughts of many different fields of thought to each Bishop. Since papal supremacy was never transferred from the Popes to the Bishops, the field of religion became highly isolated because it became separated from all scientific fields of thought.

So, unless a field of thought opens discussions with other fields of thought, cultural conflicts and wars will always begin and will never end. So as a scientist, I am forced to study the teachings of Jesus without help from the field of religion because, in one encounter with a religion (Baptist), I had to conclude that the field of religion does not want to consider the thoughts of scientists.


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