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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea 100 + VII (A Nation Under God, XXXIII)

Remaking America is not a simple job for two reasons: (1) the U.S. founding documents are misinterpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court; (2) the teachings about the universe, life, and God are different between scientists and theologians.

The U.S. Supreme Court says, for instances, that the Declaration of Independence was only an authority of war against England. So, the Declaration has become a dead founding document even though the first two chapters identify John Locke’s concept of Society, which is the first party of Locke’s social contract theory and is identified in the Declaration of Independence. The second part of Locke’s social contract theory is the concept of Government, which is identified by the U.S. Constitution. Although the Declaration establishes the USA as a nation under God, the U.S. Supreme Courts rules that the USA can also become an atheistic nation. Thus, remaking America under God cannot occur unless the Supreme Court recognizes its misinterpretation of the Declaration of Independence.

Scientists and theologians stop all efforts to remake America into a nation under God because scientists disagree among themselves, theologians disagree among themselves, and scientists and theologians disagree with each other. Yet, only one God and only one universe exist.

Scientists disagree with themselves because the majority of scientists reject God and treat life as predictive machines. Theologians disagree with themselves because they limit their theories to the contents of different scriptures. Scientists and theologians disagree with each other because the majority of scientists are atheists.

Unless the U.S. Supreme Court changes its interpretation of the Declaration of Independence, the USA cannot be remade to a nation under God by any political party.


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