Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea 100 + XVI (Intelligent Design, VIc)

In this blog, I discuss a few of the more important contributions Jesus Christ added to man’s knowledge of the Intelligence Design. To teach complex contributions, Jesus had to simplify his messages, often using metaphors and parables. With these simple messages he hoped that his teachings would be understood and would be carried far into the future. His simplified communications worked because writing of his teachings appeared soon after he was murdered and continued to appear for almost a century after his death.

I conclude that the scientific and moral teachings of Jesus fall into the following subjects: (1) a kingdom of God, (2) mind, and (3) common sense. The kingdom of God is the kingdom that God made for us with his Intelligent Design. Mind is the soul (or spirit) of living things. And common sense deals with our morals.

Jesus says that a kingdom of God is both in us and external to us. So, the kingdom of God is something we must learn with our minds as Paul says at Rom. 1:20. We learn this kingdom when our self-knowledge of God’s Intelligent Design grows and the world in which we live becomes increasingly real. Since life continues eternally, at death we are reborn (reincarnated) but will never know that we had a former life. So we will never know God’s Intelligent design completely; we will never fully know reality; and we will never develop a perfect system of common sense. So the life among humans is a continuous drama as Kenneth Burke says in the book, ‘A Grammar of Motives.'

The big Western religions. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, speak of prophets and saints. Today, we call them big thinkers. So, prophets, saints, and big thinkers are only human beings and they are neither God, a Son of God, nor a Lord. This fact weakens these three religions. These religions are weakened more if one unifies teachings of the ancient scriptures with modern science teachings. Western science and morals are thus only ancient teachings which have been modernized. For instance, at Matt. 10:30 Jesus says ‘But the very hairs on your head are all numbered.’ The modern scientists will agree because he or she knows that the content of each hair is different chemically.

However, many teachings of Jesus have never been applied by modern scientists. For instance, modern scientists do not yet know that the origin of evil in found within the human mind. Jesus did know the origin of evilness as seen in Mark 7:15-23. Jesus also knew that all things in the kingdom of God are related to each other at John 14:20. Neither Christians nor modern scientists have learned this fact.

Unless religions correct their thoughts about modern science and modern science opens their minds to all of the big thinkers, wars will never go away.


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