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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Making My First Scientific Proof of God Clearer, III

Our system of symbolic languages cannot attain the complete knowledge of an incomprehensive God. However, out symbolic languages can gain understandings of such a God. We gain such understandings by using negative thinking. In the fists two blogs on making my proof of God clearer, I used the negative thinking of Plato. Plato describes his negative thinking in his Sophist dialogue at 257b. There, Plato says, "When we speak of `that which is not,' it seems that we do not mean something contrary to what exists but only something that is different." In the last two blogs, universal phenomena of the universe are negated and reveals the origin of these phenomena. These origins are really attributes of God.

This negation also tells us that God created our universes by contracting those of his own attributes that form his intelligent design of the universe. For instance. when God creates, his One is contracted to many, his Equality is contracted to difference, his Union is contracted to relation, and his Infinite is contracted to finite. Thus, God, who lives in a higher world, creates our lower world by using a contraction process.

The contraction process is not limited to a God who can creates worlds. humans can also apply the contracting process. I played with friends in the local forest when I was a young boy. There, we made our own bows and arrows. To make a bow we would use the straight stem of a hickory tree, remove its branches, bend the stem, and hold the curved bow stem with a string at both ends of the stem As little creators, we created a curved bow by contracting the straight stem of a hickory tree.

When a person's mind uses Plato's negative, the mind is not seeking the contrary of phenomena in order to create a pair of excluded middle opposites. Today's logicians do not understand negative thinking. They don't understand, for instance, that the atom bomb was created only by negating a form of different and dirty radiation material that we can't destroy today.

To learn more about 'contraction' see the book "On Learned Ignorance" by Nicholas of Cusa. This book can be copied out the Internet. (click)


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