Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, November 06, 2009

Making My First Scientific Proof of God Clearer, V

I show scientifically that only one world exists. In this single world, we find the things we call God and creatures. The two different parts of this world can be modeled with a geometrical circle. God is found at the circle's center (the absolute minimum). God is also found in circumference (the absolute maximum). This is a close model because we know that God is the absolute maximum and the absolute minimum. Inside the circle we find the creatures. My science says that creatures appear when God contracts some of His essential attributes. When these attributes are contracted, phenomenal attributes appear in creatures. These phenomenal attributes form God's intelligent design of creatures and their functional relations. To find new essential attributes that God contracted, the process is reversed by using Plato's negative. His negative will seek the origin of any phenomena. Since all knowledge of these attributes can never be completed, this world has no end.

Many scientists reject God. However, they do not seem to know the above contraction process and its reversal. If they are unaware of the contraction process, they are assuming that all phenomena in the universe originated from a physical thing that exploded billions of years ago. Based on this assumption, these scientists are saying that God does not exist and is not functional in the universe. With this sayings, they assume that the universe is a mechanical thing. They must also assume (1) that all living things come from nonliving things, (2) that Darwin's evolution theory is true, and (3) that cause-effect relations govern all human behaviors. To them, suicide is neither right or wrong because this world has an end.

These two views above are the causes that divide the United States of America today. Only one of these views is true. Action is necessary now if the rights of citizens are to be defended from arbitrary rights and laws.


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