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Monday, November 09, 2009

A New Partnership That Is Dividing the USA

Today’s U.S. physical scientists and biologists do not seem to understand the founding documents of the USA. Instead of developing an understanding of our self-Society and self-Government, they have created a new partnership that would change our Society and Government. This new partnership would limit all of our sciences to ‘a science of mechanisms.’

This partnership has deep roots in our colleges and universities. Collegiate statements about ‘nonsectarianism’ stopped religious studies. But these statements also stopped the ‘studies of God’ (theology) in all educational institutions. When I told this error to my university (John Hopkins), President Brody only scratched his head. His head scratching was useless because he retired.

How can scientists and biologists study the universe without considering theologies? Whether God is passive or active, this new partnership cannot remove God from its studies unless it rejects the existence of God. So this new partnership is an unlawful organization because both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution say that the USA is a nation under God.

My theological studies show that God is active and functional and cannot be removed from any scientific study. My studies also inform me that many popular personalities of the past did not remove God from their studies of the universe. But, I learned that most members of the new partnership do not even consider the work of those past personalities who did consider God.

In 1999, the National Academy of Science reported the debate between evolutionary theory and creation theory to the federal government. This report is dishonest because theologies were not considered in this debate. The result is that Darwin’s evolutionary theory is taught nationally.

Had the working members of this partnership studied those personalities, who did considered God during their studies of research, these members would have found the real gold --- that God exists and is active. They would have also learned that Darwin’s ancestral theory is false. Instead, all genera are fixed on a continuum by God. Thus, our biologists might be asked soon to do a more important job --- to identify the infinite number of numbered species that God made possible. And our sciences might be asked soon to distinguish physical science from the life sciences.

Huge amounts of time and money are thus being wasted by our atheistic scientists and biologists.


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