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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Private Sector and Public Sector Differences

Before retiring, I worked in the public sector for about twenty-four years. Before that work, I worked in the private sector for about fifteen years. And before that work, I spent three years in the military. I found that the private and public sectors are very different. But some business people say that the public sector must be managed like a business. However, I disagree with these people because the U.S. government is a self-government whose purpose is to form a more perfect Union.

In 1971, I entered the public sector when I accepted a research position at the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) , U.S. Department of Justice. My job was to apply high technologies, which I learned in the private sector on the space program, to the U. S. increasing crime problem. In 1977, because I was a physical scientist, the agency leader asked, 'How do we measure the performance of the NIJ?' To answer this question, I went to the book, 'Foundations of Measurement' by Krantz, David H., Luce, R. Duncan, Suppes, Patrick, and Tversky, Amos; New York: Academic Press (1971). This book tells us that physical concepts are measurable because they function in the dimensionally invariant equations of the laws of physics, which govern all nonliving things. Basic laws that govern living things have not been found by nonphysical scientists. Nor have laws of physics been connected to living things by physical and nonphysical scientists. So measuring the performance of any public agency might be impossible only over time periods.

When I compare a business with a self-government, they can be viewed as boxes that have 'inputs' and 'outputs.' The business box has an 'input' when it receives investments. A self-government box also has an 'input' when it receives taxes. The business box also has an 'output.' This output can be compared with its input because the dimension of the input and output is identical--- money. On the other hand, the output of a self-government cannot be compared with its input because the input dimension of taxes is money whereas the output dimension is 'a more perfect Union.' This dimension can be measured only over time periods.

If the private and public sector co-exist, how did God create them so they would function together? I believe that this answer lies everywhere in the geometry of spiral cones. See them in the infinitely large (in cosmology) in the pic above and the infinitely small (in the atoms). To see smaller spiral conesI,(click).

Unless the people of the USA turn their interests toward God, I expect that the current oligarchy will continue to grow.


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