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Friday, November 12, 2010

A Letter to Senator John Rockefeller IV

November 12, 2010

John D. Rockefeller IV
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510-4802

Dear Senator Rockefeller:

In your March 26, 20089 letter to me you said,"While the Declaration of Independence is not considered law in the same sense that the Constitution is considered as law, ..... " In this letter, I want to discuss your statement again about the Declaration of Independence and my new research on the Declaration of Independence (DOI). My new research tells us that our lawyers have made interpretation errors related to the founding documents. These errors have taken our nation off of the path of freedom sought by our founders. These errors are also moving the USA away from the paths of the colonist’s original experiment.

I say that the laws of the DOI and the Constitution function together must be treated equally as laws. If this does not occur, the U.S. private sector and U. S. public sector cannot be unified so that their natural harmony develops and works.

My new research is reported in my website at, The date of this report is 11/7/10. Its title is "The Private Sector of the USA Has Been Destroyed." My research uses the book by John Locke on "The Second Treatise of Government." My research shows that the U.S. ‘private sector’ of the USA was destroyed some time after President Abe Lincoln was assassinated. Below, I present the report on my research.

Reseasrch Report

Information on the subjects of 'private sector' and 'public sector' can be found in a Google search. In the Google information, people try to define and distinguish these two sectors. However, the private and public sector of the USA were well defined and distinguished by our founders in the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and the Constitution. Below, I discuss the private and public sector as defined by our founders.

The private sector and public sector became a reality in 1776 when our colonists decided to separate themselves from England. The founders identified the private sector as the 'Society,' which had been identified by John Locke in his social contract theory. The Lockean Society was defined generally by the founders in the first two paragraphs of the DOI in 1776. Then, the founders identified the public sector as the 'Government,' which had also been identified by John Locke in his social contract theory. The initial 'Government' was the Second Continental Congress in 1776. The second Government became the Articles of Confederation and struggled, beginning in 1781. Then, to form a more perfect Union and strengthen the national government, the third Government was identified by the Constitution in 1778.

Locke's social contract is an agreement between Society and Government. This agreement was very clear in the minds of the founders and the colonists because the Lockean social contract was studied widely before 1776. Thus it is clear that the founders built a nation that would have a private sector, called Society, and a public sector, called Government. In this agreement, the People of public sector hold all rights, which are received from God. Since Government has no rights until it receives rights from the public sector, the Constitution and amendments define all rights that Government receives from the public sector.

The harmony between the private and public sector in the USA depends heavily on the continuous development by Congress the 'laws of nature and nature's God.' Those two different laws were included in the DOI. Since development of the USA would not occur immediately, the Bill of Rights were included in the Constitution in 1701.

The anti-federalists would warn against ‘development.’ To save the public sector and Locke's social contract, President Lincoln defended the DOI and the human right---all Men are created equal.

However, the public sector was eventually destroyed by today's lawyers. They say that the DOI was merely an authority to go to war against England. Essentially, these lawyers destroyed the first two paragraphs of the DOI. They also destroyed the Society and its social contract. However, by destroying the DOI, only Government remained in the USA. With only Government, the Congress changes from 'representatives of the public sector' to 'political parties with lobbyists.' Essentially, Government became a power over the people. So these lawyers transformed the USA into an oligarchy headed by rich classes. This transformation led to disharmonious work in Congress in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Today, lawyers, who reject God also reject the DOI, support the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU). The ACLU impede the development of private sector land for educational purposes of our children. Further other lawyers in the Supreme Court help to destroy God when they supported Madelyn Murray O'Hair on removing prayers from public schools in 1967. Removing prayers anywhere will weakens the private sector because communications with God will develop the minds of our children properly.

The private sector was weakened by McCarthyism, which changed the TV/movie industry from, an educational organization for our children and good entertainment for the aging, to a huge and ugly national drug, sex, and crime culture. Furthermore, the poor ideologies of liberalism and conservationism are weakening the private sector. So are abortions, same sex marriages, and anti-socialists.

If Government is without a Society (or private sector), the USA is sitting on a see-saw that is swinging two ways. One has political power and the other has services. The power establishes nasty potentials with political divisions and wars. The service has many beauties for you.


This research shows that the USA was founded as a Society and a self-Government under God. The Society separated itself logically from the self- Government so that Society is identified as the ‘private sector’ and the self-Government is identified as the ‘public sector.’

I sent this research report to President Obama on 11/7/10.

Sincerely yours,
George Shollenberger


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