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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Indivisible and Divisible Things Prove God and His Creation'

When you hold a yardstick and cut it in half, you can say that the yardstick has two parts. Now, cut these two parts into half. You can now say that the yardstick has four parts. You can continue to cut more parts into half. Continue this cutting and you will learn that the parts only become smaller and smaller; that the last or smallest parts will never be appear; and that the end of the yardstick cannot be reached. The smallest parts will not appear because a divisible yardstick has an infinite number indivisible parts. Since all divisibles have parts, we can say that every divisible thing in the universe has an infinite number of indivisibles. Obviously, our medical doctors must begin to view the human body differently if they want to improve our health care system.

Divisible things and indivisible things became known in the 1400s by Nicholas of Cusa. Then, Galileo published a book on indivisibles in 1632. The title of this book is, 'The Two Chief World Systems.' In this book, Galileo shows that all quantitative divisible things are formed by an infinite number of indivisibles. Today, all scientists must accept the fact that all divisible things in the universe came from indivisible things and that all indivisible things came from an infinite God.


  • At 8:19 PM, Blogger Free to Think said…

    The biggest problem with this post is that it takes a humongous jump in logic. If objects are made of infinite amounts of indivisible things, that is all fine and dandy, but how do you connect this to an infinitely-powerful deity? It seems that you're plugging up a lack of comprehension with God. What I mean by that is that it is pretty much impossible to imagine anything with an infinite property, "therefore, it must be God." A gap in understanding does not necessarily mean God. Many scientists from many centuries ago did the same thing. Even Isaac Newton. He wondered why planets all orbit the sun in the same plane. Because he didn't understand why, he just "filled up the gap" with God. Later, scientists discovered the real reason and took God out.

  • At 11:57 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Response ro Free to Think,

    The connection of God to the universe of things is through coexisting opposites. So the 'one' in God connects logically to the 'many' things in the universe; the 'equality' in God connects logically to all 'inequalities' in the universe; the 'infinity' in God connects logically to all finites in the universe; etc.

    Cexisting opposites function to contract those attributes of God that will become attributes nn the Intelligent Design of the universe.

    These coexisting opposites allow us to use words that define the phenomena in the universe to find the contents of God's Intelligent Design.

    See Rom. 1:20 which suggests that the visibles reveal the invisibles of God.

    So, my work is quite logical.



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