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Saturday, October 16, 2010

One Universe and Its IndivisibleThings and DivisibleThings

God, Creationism, the Soul, and the Big Bang theory are major subjects of today's religions and science. These subjects have been steady interests even though the possibility of a 'One Universe' developed interest in the ancient and modern periods by theology and science. In this blog, I will discuss a single Universe, its God, Creation, and Souls.

One world is formed by indivisible and divisible things. The indivisible things are Souls of the creation whereas the divisibles embody the Souls. Some Souls are active whereas others are passive A single universe has an active and perfect God, who exists in a higher world. The single universe also has Creatures, which exist is a lower world. Since this God and these Creatures had no beginning and will have no end, God and the Creatures have always functioned and will always function with indivisible and divisibles things The indivisible things must be immortal and the divisible things must be mortal. Otherwise, change would not exist in any single universe. So, change exists so that all indivisible things are able to become more and more perfect images of the perfect God. In a single universe, life is beautiful and lovely.

God's indivisibility and the Creature's indivisibility are different, irreducible, immortal, and undistructable. Since the indivisibility of God is perfect, God has no parts. On the other hand, the the Creatures are imperfect. Thus, all Creatures have parts. The parts that form the Creatures are imperfect indivisible things. To create these imperfect indivisible things, God had to contract His perfect indivisibility and union, by plurality and relation. This contraction produces an infinite number of imperfect indivisible thing that are orderly. This contraction action is like the opening of a geometrical point and seeing a geometrical infinite line that has an uncountable number of indivisible things. These imperfect indivisible things can be called 'matter because they form all divisible things.

All divisible things are also different. The dicisible things are holistic, mortal, and can be destructed. To make divisible thing, God had to contracts His infinity, by finitude. Thus, the plurality and relation of all indivisible things will form many different finite objects, which are functionally related. These different finite objects will thus form the first structure of the universe and the first 'least action' of each indivisible thing. At this time, I believe that this 'one universe' is the most advanced thinking that unites the fields of theology and science.

The Souls of humans are indivisible things. Since only humans are able to develop knowledge, God gave humans a major responsibility to guide the motion of all active and passive indivisible things. So the freedom of active Souls is relative, not absolute.


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