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Monday, October 04, 2010

Authentic Thought vs. Rational Thought: Why Atheism Must Be Removed from the USA

For over four million years, man has forced their minds to find more and more facts. But where is is this force coming from? Atheists say that this force is physical. But believers in God say that this force is spiritual. Those Americans who believe in God go to a synagogue, church, or mosque where they hope to receive a life after death. The other Americans become atheists and seek one good life. The purpose of this blog is to show that atheists are wrong.

To show the wrongness of the atheists, I suggest the book by Karl Jaspers on 'Anselm and Nicholas of Cusa.' (A Harvest Book of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.) The author says that authentic thought is conceiving something whereas rational thought is understanding something. So, if one says that God is, that person cannot say that 'God is not' without using rational thought. But atheists say that 'God is not' without using rational thought. So, atheists are failing to prove that 'God is' a contradiction.

So when Anselm said, God is 'a being that which nothing greater can be conceived,' he produced an insight (or intuition), which is not derived from any premise or experience. No one had ever achieved certainty of God's reality the way Anselm did because God became an object in our realm of finite knowledge.

Here is where atheism begins to fail. For instance, Project Reason, which was founded by Sam Harris, is atheistic because it does not develop any authentic thoughts. Yet, many authentic thoughts about God have developed by man for more than four million years. When modern science appeared, Descartes, Leibniz, and Hegel affirmed Anselm's proof. Descartes said that only on the highest being of God alone, can it be said that essence includes existence. Existence cannot be separated from the essence of God just as we can't separate two right angles from a triangle. On Anselm's proof of God as perfect Being, Leibniz developed a prior knowledge of God's existence because a perfect Being has no limitations, no negation, and no contradiction. Kant and Thomas Aquinas rejected Anselm's proof. But the transcendentalism of Kant failed and the mathematics of Aquinas failed. Georg Cantor's transfinite numbers were beyond the rational thinking of Aquinas.

Atheists say that my book (The First Scientific Proof of God)' is filled with non sequiturs. This saying means that authors must use rational thinking and cannot use authentic thinking. Atheists are thus saying that we cannot conceive anything. To the atheists, only mathematics can rationalizes things, such as Big Bang finite thing. However, the greatest thing (God) is infinite, perfect, etc. But God's essence cannot be rationalized with any finite mathematics. Since God is one and has no parts, mathematics cannot even count God. So mathematics cannot rationalize God''s nonexistence.

Authentic thinking is a reality found in all humans. I recognized it and spoke of it in my book as indivisibles that form divisible things in the Intelligent Design. These indivisibles are contractions from God's iindivisibility. Galileo recognized these indivisibles when he studied bodies. Leibniz also recognized these indivisible things and spoke of them as monads in his Monadology. Leibniz also developed his infinitesimal calculus from these indivisibles. Jesus Christ also recognized the indivisible as a thing within us that defiles us. (See Mark 7:23). It is with these contracted indivisibles that man can conceive new ideas and understand God and His Intelligent Design.

In 1967, when the Supreme Court removed prayers from public schools at the request of atheism, the USA began to change itself into a godless nation. This removal of prayers was a major error of the U.S. government because many prayers are authentic thoughts. It is now time to correct this terrible U.S. error.


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