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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nothing, Things, and Nothingness

In my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' I say that an infinite thing is the origin of all finite things. Further, I also say that this infinite thing is an attribute of an infinite God. In this blog, I show why nothing and nothingness have no reality and that only things are real.

Atheists have been arguing against my book for over four years. Physical scientists have joined these atheists. Both groups say that God does not exist; that nonliving things form all living things; and that mind is epiphenomena of the brain. The physical scientists say that space is independent of things. And believers usually say that God created things out of nothing. (Nothing mean no preexisting matter.)

The atheists and physical scientists cannot prove that God does not exist; that living things come from nonliving things; that mind is epiphenomena of the brain; and that space is prior to things. They can only use their five senses and measuring tools to develop knowledge of finite things and warped space. However, the minds of some believers have developed linguistic tools (authentic nd rational thinking) that can develop knowledge about God. Some of these linguistic tools were found by Anselm of Canterbury when he develop truths about the greatest infinite thing, which is God. I have also used these linguistic tools in order to expand our knowledge of God's attributes. I also found that these attributes connect God to the universe and thus form a single world (of God and all finite things).

Some believers say that nothingness is something empty. This implies that nothingness is a containing thing. These believers seem to be saying that nothingness is God and a creating thing. On the other hand, when atheists use the word 'nothingness,' they speak about space. But if space is not a thing, it must be no thing, which means nothing. These believers and the atheists need to rethink their use of the words 'nothing' and 'nothingness.' As a believer in God, I use ontology and consider only 'things.' Accordingly, I say that God is an infinite thing that creates all finite things. Since all finite things are dynamic things, a 'world noise' exists because all finite things are contained by God so these finite things can function as determined by God. Since God gave all humans the only kind of mind that can understand Him, the function and responsibilities that God assigned to every human is very clear.

As I see God and our universe, only things exist. If I am right, atheism, materialism, and evolution will come to an end. This end also means that the 2012 theory is false.


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