Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Religions Don't Know the Truths About God and the Universe

Modern religious leaders do not try to unify theology and science. This is why religions do not understand God and the universe that God made. For instance, over 1500 years, the Old Testament was developed by Jews. (click) It seems that this Jewish development ended in 400 B.C. because, after the Old Testament was translated into Greek in 250 B.C., the Greeks began to compare the Old Testament with the new thoughts of their great philosophers such as Alexander the Great, Anaxagoras, Plato, and Aristotle. So the great Greek philosophers soon learned that the Old Testament was not written by God. The Jews disagreed.

When I studied the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, I conclude that the learning of Jesus did not come only from the Old Testament. Instead, I concluded that most of the learning of Jesus occurred in Greece. Thus, I say that the Bible is not a book that united the Old Testament and New Testament. So, those people who try to unify the Old Testament and New Testament, they will fail if they say that the Bible is 'The Word of God.'

In most of his teachings, Jesus unifies theology and science Let me discuss one of his teachings in the New Testament at St. John Ch. 14. I choose this teaching because Jesus uses allot of theology and allot of science in this teaching. In this teaching, I modernize their meanings.

Verse 2: Father's house has many mansions. (The Father's house means our universe based on His intelligent design. The mansions means the suns and their planets.)
Verse 3: I will come again. (Means that Jesus is reincarnated.)
Verse 7: If ye have known me, ye should have known my Father. (Means that we are the closest images of God's wisdom)
Verse 12: The works that I do shall he do; and greater works shall he do. (Means that God is active; does works for us; and does greater work for us.)
Verse 13: The Father may be glorified in the Son. (Means that our good work proves God and His Intelligent Design of the creation)
Verse 19: Yet, a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me because I live, ye shall live also. (Means that all life continues after death.)
Verse 20: At that day, ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you. (Means the first statement by Anaxagoras --- Each thing is in each thing. Technically, this scientific statement says that all things are functionally related to each other.).
Verse 21: He that loveth me shall be loveth by my Father. (Means that functional love is real among all created things.)
Verse 26: But the Comforter .... shall teach you all things, and brings to your remembrances ... . (Means that our minds holds memories of our past learning.)
Verse 28: ... I go away from you and become again unto you ... ; for my Father is greater than I. (Means that all finite things must be created and reincarnated because the greatest God is infinite and is neither created nor reincarnated.)

As seen in the New Testament, Jeses teachings are going well beyond the Old Testament. He is teaching that God and the creation form a single world . This single world has no Heaven or Hell. Instead, God and the creation become 'one' with coexisting opposites such as Perfect/imperfect, Eternal/reincarnated, etc. Other coexisting opposites such as One/many, Equality/inequalities, Union/relatives, Indivisible/divisibles, Infinite/finite, and Independence/dependence have been discovered by me as the result of St. Paul''s teaching ar Rom. 1: 20. (The capitalized concepts belong to God.)

I believe that Christianity made a major religious error in 325 A.D. when it forced Christians to divide and become the Eastern and Western Christians. Interestingly, Muhammad was an Eastern Christian. This Christian error and division occurred after Eastern Christians said that the divinity of Jesus is false and Western Christians said that the divinity of Jesus is true and that Jesus is the Only Son of God. My conclusion is that the divinity of Jesus is impossible because God is absolute and eternal whereas Jesus was finite an must be a created and reincarnated person.

About 700 years after the 325 A.D. meeting, Anselm discovered that God is the greatest and is perfect. So Anselm proved that God is absolute and eternal. These concepts of God were confirmed by Nicholas of Cusa in the 15th century in his book 'On Learned Ignorance.' (click) . This discovery by Anselm means that God must be is infinite because all created things are finite. Accordingly, all created things are very different than God because they are finite, imperfect, relative, and have a limited life. Thus Jesus Christ was not divine but was reincarnated. Unfortunately, we cannot prove the reincarnation of Jesus because after death we receive a new and different body.

Today, the development of a single world religion is possible but only if Christians correct their division. If this division is corrected, a path to world peace become possible. This peace could also prevent economic depressions, crime, and many current human problem's. If this correction is not made, I see more wars and terrorism.


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