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Monday, November 15, 2010

Strengthening the Founding Documents of the USA

My letter to Senator John Rockefeller on November 12, 2010 below shows that the private sector of the USA has been destroyed by U.S. lawyers after Abe Lincoln was assassinated and the Declaration of Independence (DOI) was interpreted as a single authority to go to war with England. So, after the War of 1812 with England started and came to an end, the DOI became a history. As history, the DOI lost its functional social contract relation with the Constitution. Only Abe Lincoln would use the DOI again with the Constitutional.

However, after the assassination of Lincoln, the DOI became a permanent historical document and the social contract of John Locke was destroyed and the the private sector was eliminated. Without the private sector, the USA became an oligarchy controlled by moneyed people. As an oligarchy, the People of the USA began to lose rights that they would be revealed in the 'laws of Nature and Nature's God,' which are found only in the DOI. When the 20th century came, one-third of the wealth of the USA would be owned by 1%, 9%, and 90% of the households. The 20th century also brought atheism to the USA. Atheists believe that God does not exist and that the world is coming to an end. Clearly, the loss of Locke's social contract, which is found in 'The Second Treatise of Government' by Thomas Peardon (click) has caused negatives rather than positives in the private and public sectors of the USA. We must strengthen the U.S. founding documents.

Locke's social contract requires two founding documents. The DOI must identify the Society, which is called 'the private sector.' Society also develops rights , which are revealed in the DOI as the 'laws of Nature and Nature's God.' A Constitution must identify Government, which is called 'the public sector.' (Thus, the new IRAQ was not created properly by the U.S. State Department.). Locke's Government is a self-government (of, by, and for the People). The self-govern meet is neither socialistic nor communistic government. Nor is self-government equated to capitalism. Capitalism is part of self-government. Self-government forms a more perfect Union. Since God is the only perfect thing, a self-government must seek and develop the best theories of God and God's Creation without establishing any religion.

To strengthen the founding documents, Congress must changed so that political parties and moneyed people cannot guide or control Congress. Members of Congress must thus be limited to one three-year term. An equal number of technical members must come from (1) State and local governments and (2) business, industrial, educational, health care, and non-profit organizations. The major emphasis of all three branches is to achieve a more perfect nation every yea..


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