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Thursday, January 13, 2011


The word 'socialism' and many other words have confused the minds of many Americans. The mind of the recent shooter in Arizona is an example of a confused American mind. This confusion of Americans is caused by flaws in the English language. The English language became flawed by England's' intellectuals, who use Aristotle's logic, logical reasoning, and absolutes to construct English statements, theories, books, etc.

The weakness of the English language can be detected by studying the more powerful German language which began to change in the 15th century and expanded rapidly in the 17th century with the life of Gottfried Leibniz. The English language and German language are very different today because these two different languages have led to two different views of God. To be more specific, in the English language and in many Americas, God is inactive. But in the German language and in some Americans like me, God is active.

In the USA, I conclude that the conservatives and liberals might be separated by these two views of God because the Republican ideology aligns to the inactive God whereas the Democratic ideology aligns to the active God. On socialism, Republicans fear social programs whereas the Democrats love social programs. In the English language, socialism is constructed with logic, capitalism vs. communism. But in the German language an infinite number of social programs appear.

When one studies the life of Jesus Christ, the teachings of Jesus deal with an active God and social programs that unify people.


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