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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Bible Is a False Scripture

I an studying the New Testament and came to Matthew, Chapter 18. (click and Go to Part B, Ch.18)This chapter teaches that humans cannot learn everything. So, Jesus teaches that all humans are children who are always learning. In the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa knew that God is the greatest thing but discovered that a greatest thing is both absolute maximum and absolute minimum.

This discovery tells a scientist that God is always 'the same' and that all other things 'change' and are in a category of things that are 'more or less. So, Jesus is correct to say that all humans are always children, who are always learning something about God and the universe. Since God is the greatest and wisest thing, Jesus was correct to say that all humans must be humble about the universe forever.

In the USA, atheists, materialists, evolutionist, and deists seem to have convinced the U.S. government that the universe had a beginning, has an end, and can be known completely. To all of these atheists, Jesus, Cusa, and many others are wrong.

It is time to remove the New Testament from the Bible and time for the US government to apply the correct God to the USA.


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