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Monday, February 07, 2011

All Men Are Created Equal

The meaning of the statement 'all men are created equal' in the Declaration of Independence is not finalized. Some beliefs about this statement are as follows: (click); (click); (click);(click);(click);(click);(click);(click);(click);(click);(click);(click);(click);(click) etc. Some Republican lawyers say that this statement simplifies government. (click)

Jesus Christ also tells us the meaning of the statement--- all Men are created equal --- in verse 50 of Matthew, Ch. 12. There, h teaches that his brother, sister, and his mother are the same things created by God. The use of the concept 'same' by Jesus defines the true meaning of this statement because God is always the same God and the souls are always the same souls because they are also indivisible and immortal like God is indivisible and immortal.

The only difference between God and our souls in that God is infinite an our souls are infinitesimal. Thus, the only difference among 'all Men that are equal' is the soul's body. Accordingly, in any nation, all souls must have equal opportunities.


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