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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Earning Another Life After Death

After death, those people who reject God will never live another life, will never live in Heaven and will never live in Hell after death. I came to this conclusion after I discovered the first scientific proof of God's existence, studied the teachings of Jesus Christ and Nicholas of Cusa and discovered how God creates souls. Based on these discoveries and study, one might conclude that only killers will have no life after death. But these discoveries and study tell me that God terminates other souls that are not faithful.

To detect souls that are not faithful, Jesus develops the opposing words 'least' and 'great' in Ch. 5 of Matthew. With this pair of opposites, Jesus uses his linguistic sword to divide different faiths. He fills the middle region of these opposites with different faiths that are taught by many prophets. Since an infinite number of different faiths can be put into this middle regions, a mathematical continuum of faiths is constructed. Thus, all humans in the universe live on this continuum of different faiths. God frees souls so they can live among faiths of their desire. This is why life exists after death for faithful souls.

Nicholas of Cusa connects God to this continuum so that God can be active with all souls. To make this connection between God and all souls, God must be the greatest thing. Cusa shows that the greatest thing is absolute maximum and absolute minimum. So, the continuum of all life in the universe lies in between God's absolute maximum and absolute minimum.

All souls are thus things that exist above God's absolute minimum. The souls are thus infinitesimals and receive new bodies when God gives them a new life. Materialists do not realize that the souls can be called dark matter. The astronauts see a black sky of souls when they go into space.

I conclude that the development of nations on planet earth with 'limited money systems' is a major human error because too many souls receive poor lives. At Ch. 25, Jesus teaches the same error. A limited money system is ungodly, limits progress, and produces many sick minds and many poor faiths.


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