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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Flaws in the Protestant and Catholic Faiths

No faith can be perfect. This is why religions cannot cast a scripture of a faith into concrete. A perfect faith is impossible because we cannot complete our knowledge about God and His creation. So, the faiths of synagogues, churches, mosques, etc. have flaws. For this reason , the faiths of every Protestant and Catholic Church are teaching flaws, which are inconsistent ideas with panentheism. For instance, panentheism reject the idea that the universe had a beginning and has an end.

A faith is an organized thing. A faith is thus a whole that has parts. Galileo's studies on bodies found that all godly wholes have an infinite number of parts. For instance, if you divide a foot ruler in half and continue to divide the remaining piece, the number of pieces will become infinite in number and the smallest piece will become infinitesimal. Thi infinitesimal thing is th soul of all things that have lengths. So, when you build your faith, you have made a big decision because this is a big job. For this reason, many people become atheists and will have only one life.

When I started to organize my faith in God, my mind started to build truths and falsities about the faith called 'panentheism.' All of my organizing ideas are either consistent or inconsistent with my proof of God in "The First Scientific Proof of God." Consistent ideas are not flaws because they help to build panentheism. I do not accept any ideas in scriptures unless I study them and fit them into panentheism.

If you are beginning to challenge your current faith, it might be time to investigate the faith of panentheism. Your decisions on faiths are very important because a new life after death with panentheim will be very beautiful and different compared to the life that most people have in any nation on plant earth.


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