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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Michele Bachmann and Her Response to President Obama's Speech Tonight

On the equality of people in the USA, Michele Bachmann might say tonight, after President Obama's message on the State of the Union, that people came to the USA to make money freely. If she says these words for the Republican party, neither the Republican Party nor her, realize that money is never infinite anywhere in the world because only God is infinite. Thus, in any nation, created or uncreated, money is always finite.Accordingly, in any nation, in order to become a rich person, a person must take money from other people by quietly committing crime that is hard to detect.

Our founders must have known that money is finite in all nations. This is why Ben Franklin said that when people need money, government must print some. So, our founders were very intelligent about money systems and built a very new nation. The new nation they built has a finite supply of money that should always increase and circulate among all of its citizens. This is why the founders said in the Declaration of Independence that 'all Men are created equal.'

All of the teaching of economies today in the United States are wrong because our colleges and universities do not separate an 'infinite' thing (God) from all 'finite things' (created things).


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