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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eliminating the Declaration of Independence From the U.S. Law Brought Crime Into America

Today, I recognize three basic psychologists. They are three different psychologists because God either does not exist or does exist but is either inactive or active. The first group of psychologists are atheists and believe that human behaviors are purely mechanical. The second group of psychologists are deists and believe that human behaviors are based on secular rights. The third group of psychologists are theists and believe that human behaviors are based on the rights of God.

Out of these three groups of psychologists come many different opinions on the causes of crimes, such as the causes of the Arizona killings. Some of these opinions will say that a criminal is mentally ill and a judge will send the criminal to a mental hospital for correction or for isolation for long periods. Some patients might never leave such a hospital.

In the USA, I believe that these basic psychologists formed soon after 'the People' of the USA turned away from the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence, turned away from the active God, and changed the USA drastically. This change led to the opening of these mental hospitals, which are unnecessary if the human mind of all Americans are developed properly by families and educators.


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