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Thursday, February 03, 2011

My Researh Is Producing Sound and New Results

My current blogs on this website and my reports of the New Testament on my knol website (click) are confirming everything that I said in my book on "The First Scientific Proof of God. So, my book, my blogs, and my Parts A and B of my knol website represent sound research results. This research should guide science and theology for centuries.

I have always recognized the existence of one God. I have also said that such a God cannot be known. I have also said that we can know some things in the universe but cannot know the universe completely. So, I reject religions, such as Mormonism, who believe that the knowledge of Jesus Christ was completed

Beyond these sayings, I am now saying that the Son of God is 'all humans.' We are thus the wisest creatures in the universe and are continually reincarnated. I am also saying that Jesus Christ was a prophet. This means that he was a 'big thinker.' But I disagree with Islam. Muhammad was not the last prophet. I disagree with Muslims because I see no beginning or end to God or no beginning and end to the universe. New 'big thinkers' will appear continually in the universe.

Today, I am connecting the thoughts of Jesus more and more to Neo-Platonism and Greek thinking and disconnecting Jesus from the Jewish faith in the Old Testament. So, I say that Jesus was murdered because the faith of Jesus is not the faith in the Old Testament. These different faiths between the Christians and Jews still exist today. The God of the Jews is inactive and is known as deism. The God of the Christians is active and is known as panentheism. Since Jesus is not the only Son of God, the Christian beliefs and the Muslim beliefs are the same faith.


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