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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Progress vs. Money

After the State of the Union message by President Obama on Tuesday, the President and I came together on the subject of 'progress.' We came together because I am a scientist and know that Jesus Christ was the greatest known scientist and moralist before modern science emerged with the new 15th century progressive work of Nicholas of Cusa. Those readers who want to learn more about the scientific and moralistic work of Jesus Christ, I am revealing the progressive work of Jesus Christ on my knol website in Part B. (click)

A scientist who is not progressive is not a scientist and can't become a follower of Jesus Christ. But this kind of scientist can become interested in money, especially if his or her bank accounts can be filled. Scientists are thus divided today because some scientists like more progress whereas the other scientists like more money. Progress is also a political subject and is opposed by the conservatives because they must also like more money. (click)

However, money has always been a serious problem for humans because no alternative to money has been found by the progressive people. Jesus Christ found an alternative to money. (Start at Matt. 25:15) -But when Jesus overthrew the tables of the moneychangers at the Temple, Jesus was killed on the cross.

The alternative to money is to keep it out of the banks so that you die and have no money because you will be reincarnated (born again ) without knowing that you lived before. If this alternative is not acceptable and people are allowed to fill the banks, more and more people will be born poor, while fewer and fewer and fewer people will fill 'family banks.' The accumulation of money is the path to war. In order to attain progress, we must change 'money' to 'a means' and then change 'the end' to 'a progress.'


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