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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Responses of Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann to President' Obama's Mssage on the State of the Union

The message of the State of the Union of President Obama was 'progress.' I thought that JFK wrote the message and that a second Sputnik was sent into space by a foreign nation such as China. However, the responses to this 'progress' message for the Republicans, by Paul Ryan, and the Tea Parties, by Michele Bachmann, were unreasonable in light of my blog yesterday on the subject of 'finite money.'

If the Republican and Tea Party responses are installed to reduce our debt by limiting government and taxes, the USA will lose its current spiritual and economic world leadership. The Republicans, Tea parties, and our 'Economic Institutes' tell me that they do not understand God and the things that God made. In my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' one learns that God is infinite Thus, all things found in our world, including money, are varying finite things.

If a person has a debt, that person can pay the debt either fast or slow. To reduce a debt fast, a second income is necessary. The debt of a nation can be paid fast with 'progress' with increased employment and taxes. However, if the debt of the USA must be paid slowly and without progress, social problems or even war will develop because the U.S. money quantity is very unequal among the population.

The responses of Ryan and Bachmann included no U.S. progress. Instead, their responses would increase unemployment and decrease taxes. With these responses, the US debt will be paid very slowly. With no national progress, the U.S population, intelligence, and money quantity will degenerate.

It is clear to me that the progress proposed by President Obama is preferred. To make 'progress' in the USA, I suggest that Congress print more money to fund the progress projects. If this progress is successful, foreign nations might even buy some of this progress.


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