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Friday, January 28, 2011

Progressivism, Conservatism, and Jesus Christ

When President Obama proposed 'progress' in his State of the Union message on Jan. 25, 2011, he separated himself from conservatism but made all Americans closer to Jesus Christ because Jesus teaches progress and the morals of God.

The Internet information says that progressivism is a political philosophy that promotes changes through Government. But progressivism is opposed by conservatism. (click) The Internet information says that conservatism is also a political philosophy that promotes the maintenance of traditional institutions. It supports gradual change in society with a limited government. But some conservatives seek a return to the way things were. (click) In my newspaper, the conservative Syndicated Columnist, Cal Thomas, reduced Government by saying it regulates and does not innovate. As a former scientist in Government, I conclude that Thomas doesn't know the truths about the science in Government.

Jesus Christ teaches progress, science, and morals throughout the New Testament. Here, I will discuss Chapter 24 of Matthew on the subject of 'tho darkening of the sun' at verse 29. Before this verse, Jesus teaches what will happen among nations and people before the sun darkens. For example, in verse 22, he says that the length of the days will become shorter and shorter. The shortened days is the sign that our planet is moving closer and closer to the sun. Eventually planet earth will fall into the sun where it becomes fuel for the sun. When this occurs the Heaven of stars we saw in the evening sky and our planet will pass away (verse 35)

After verse 29, Jesus teaches the progress we must make. For instance, in verse 27, Jesus says that the Son of Man will come. But the Son of Man will not come if we did not develop the Son of Man. In verse 30, the Son of Man is a fleet of spacecraft that can transport earthling to a new planet. Noah was a typical 'Son of Man' who made an ark to save people from a flood (See Jesus' words in verses 37-40.) In verse 32, Jesus says that we must search for different 'signs' (seasons, etc.) of the darkening.

If the conservatives win over the progressives, the number of scientists and technologists will decrease and the USA will degenerate. Now is the time for all people to come to the aid of the USA.


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