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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

21. What Was the Origin of the Major Error of Christianity?

In my last blog, I show that Christianity made a major error by saying that Jesus is the only Son of God.  Based on this error, Christian leaders thus teach that humans have only one life, that all humans are resurrected, and that the universe had a beginning and thus comes to an end.  In this blog, I identify the origin of this major error.

I conclude that Jesus left the Jewish temple at age 12 because he learned something new.  This newness was about Anaxagoras and Plato, who taught that God and the universe form a single world. When Jesus learned and studied this single world in Greece, he was 30 years old and returned home to teach his Jewish people.

After Jesus was put on the Cross and died, some of Jesus' disciples and other persons made records of Jesus' teachings. But records are always imperfect because 'students' cannot record the teachings of their 'teacher' perfectly.  So, when any scripture is studied, errors will appear. For this reason, scriptures must be studied until they become nearly perfect because scriptures are not made by God..

The early Christians of the second century made the major error that I identify above. In the second century, Bishop Irenaeus interpreted the New Testament and said said that Gnosticism is blasphemy. To deny early Gnosticism is to hide many teachings of Jesus in the New Testament.

Today, the important scientific teaching of Jesus are hidden by religious leaders. In my new book, "A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God," many of Jesus' scientific teachings will be fond in my new book. (click)  On politics, my book and Jesus' teachings show that conservatism and liberalism will fail.


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