Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Thursday, December 20, 2012

101. Bringing A New Life To Jesus

In yesterday's blog, I show that the U.S. Constitution says that we are required to form a more perfect Union. I conclude that this requirement is necessary because God is an absolutely perfect thing.  With Plato's concept of 'not,'   I also confirm God because He is the origin of all finite things that we see in the evening sky. The Old Testament, New Testament, and the Qur'an also confirms God even though scriptures might have contradictions.(click)

Jesus also confirmed God's existence and confirms many of God's works. This confirmation is a difficult job because I conclude that Jesus became a student of Platonism in Greece at age 12. Then, at age 30, Jesus came home to become a teacher of Greek and Jewish students. Jesus taught until some Jews had him murdered by Pontius Pilate. Since students of Jesus had to prepare the New Testament, they had to repeat the teachings of Jesus as best as they could. So, some problems can be expected when a person interprets the New Testament.

Unfortunately, in the 2nd century, Gnosticism was rejected by Christianity.  Gnosticism is the first formal step of finding truths. Based on this rejection of Christianity, the scientific teachings of Jesus went into the background of moral teachings until the 15th century scientific work by Nicholas of Cusa. But by the 17th century, Christianity and science became separated.

By 2006, I concluded that the scientific teachings of Jesus must come forward.  I brought them forward with two books and many Google blogs.  I expect to make religions and science one.


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