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Friday, December 28, 2012

110.The USA Was Not Founded On Judeo-Christian Fundamentals.

The God of Judaism and the God of Christianity is as different as day and night. But the histories of Judaism and Christianity must be studied in detail if one wants to learn this difference. Below, I will teach some of these differences 

The concept 'heaven' causes Judaism and Christianity to be very different religions.  For example, the Old Testament divides the heaven into an 'upper' and 'lower' world. The upper world is the house of God.  This house has a gate. (See Gen 28:17). But the New Testament says that the upper world is the place of God and Jesus says that heavens exist only in the lower world. (See Matt. 5:19) The heavens exist only in the evening skies of all planets of the universe that God created.

The way humans think also separates the Jews and Christians. For instance, Jews say that the first humans, Adam and Eve, were created with perfect souls. But Adam and Eve became sinners when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. (See Genesis, Ch. 2.)  But Jesus teaches human thinking very differently.  Jesus says that sins cannot come from outside of us.  He says that sins come from within us. (See Mark 7:23) So Jesus is really telling us to go to schools and develop knowledge. He says that we can do greater works than he has done. (See John  14:12)

Judaism and Christianity became even more different in the 15th century, when Aristotle's logic had failed in the courts and the Gnostic thoughts of Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Leibniz, etc. was growing.  Judaism and Christianity also became even more different when Martin Luther divided into Catholic and Protestant churches.

In closing, I say that Ben Franklin was the major leader of the USA when the colonists were breaking away from England. In France and Germany, Franklin learned the most advanced thinking on an eternal God and universe. Thus, I say that the USA was not founded on Judeo-Christian fundamentals.


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