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Sunday, December 23, 2012

105 Another Message to Christiane Amanpour

In yesterday's message to Amanpour, I say that the stories of the Bible and other ancient scriptures have become outdated. These scripture became outdated because the minds of humans are filled with symbols and imprecise meanings, as people grow and build different national languages in every nation. If Amanpour and others understood the continuous outdatedness of human life, a very new and beautiful world could emerge on this planet.

At this time, outdated scriptures have impeded necessary developments such as (1) democracies (2) infrastructures for all nations, and (3) an international space program that identifies the reality of the universe and hunts for new planetary systems for living.  So, these great impediments are seen in South America, Africa, Far East, and North Korea.

But these necessary developments are impeded by other outdated systems.  For example, the world market is unfair;  the 'equality of man' does not exist;  international minerals are not shared;  slavery is growing again; and the capitalistic money economy is failing.

So, I suggest that Amanpour go beyond her ancient stories so that her audience will understand the endless life of all humans and the eternal life of God.  This endless life of humans and this eternal life of God are different scientifically because created things must be numbered and a creator God is one and can't be numbered.


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