Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Thursday, September 19, 2013

281. Reasoned Virtues

I say that Aaron Alexis killed people at the Navy Yard because his mind was built mostly by his senses. But, I also say that Aaron's mind did not develop many new virtues after he was reborn because his reasoned virtues were developed mostly by the logic of the English language.

We must understand the mind developed by Aaron.  For example, when a person develops his or her mind mostly with the senses, that person will not develop well-reasoned geometries, which can guide an automobile around a city with ease. So, virtues would not be found in Aaron if he was living today.

The development of virtues by people is very important because the lives of all humans are continuous and change after each death. The new life of people began when Abraham rejected idolatry. When pantheism was destroyed, monotheism had to be built. With monotheism, Moses identified ten virtues and named them Ten Commandments. Unfortunately, these ten virtues and all other virtues led to the development of fixed scriptures.  Unfortunately, the scriptures  stopped the further development of virtues by the minds of many people.

In 500 B.C. a new virtue appeared in Greece by Anaxagoras.(click) The new virtue is panentheism, which says that God and Universe are endless. Plato confirmed panentheism in   dialogues. (click) And after Jesus is born, he learns the virtues of panentheism and teaches them to his Jewish friends. But panentheism and new virtues were destroyed by Irenaeus.(click)  In the Middle Ages, human life was fully defined by logic.

Eventually, Plato dialogues would be found and Galileo would develop a modern science. With the new science, materialism could develop. But how is human life defined? The answer is socialism. But nations are unable to define socialism because they do not know the panentheistic God.

I conclude that all killings in the world are coming from humans who are not seeking reasoned virtues.


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