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Sunday, November 23, 2014

699. The Catholic Church Seeks Power RatherThan Truths

The first encyclopedia of the Catholic Church was issued in 1914. Recently, the encyclopedia was updated and was named the New Advent. The New Advent now includes a definition of infinite. (click) Infinite is defined by the Catholic Church as follows:

The infinite, as the word indicates, is that which has no end, no limit, no boundary, and therefore cannot be measured by a finite standard, however often applied; it is that which cannot be attained by successive addition, not exhausted by successive subtraction of finite quantities

The Catholic Church says that the concept of infinite is defined as an attribute of God. But I notice that the Catholic Church does not define infinite as an attribute of Jesus. This definition is correct because I say that Jesus is not God.

In order to define Jesus as God, the Catholic Church is lifting the teachings of the New Testament above the teachings of the Old Testament and other religions. However, my research says that the New Testament or any other scripture is not a perfect document. Only the fields of sciences and moralities can define the attributes of God with our minds. It is time for all religions to become one religion in all nations.

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