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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

826. The 'one People' Of The Declaration of Independence Is Not Understood ByThe U.S. Government

On July 4,1776, slavery was violated in the USA because the Declaration of Independence was adopted and the USA became a nation of 'one People.' Based on the U.S. nation, all races of humans in America would have had to be eliminated by justice. However, justice does not make changes immediately.

The Smithsonian is completing one monumental project of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. This idea was authorized by an act of Congress which called it, quote, "a tribute to the Negro's contribution to the achievements of America."(click) In 2003, President Bush signed the law creating the museum. Congress put up $250 million. And, Lonnie Bunch raised another $250 million. She  knew where this museum would have to be. Below, the Negro's contribution to America will be shown.

However, the contribution of many l races can be shown in this museum because humans have come to America.  For instance,  humans came from Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Korea, and other nations. And Indians became part of America after Americans moved West.  So,  all People can make contribution to Americas.  For example, when John Glenn went around the earth in 1962 with the first digital telemetry system that I made,  Microsoft was born. So, many Americans are contributing to America.

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