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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

827.The Nations of 'one People, 'three People', and 'four People'

The U.S. government has become nonfunctional with respect to the Declaration of Independence (DOI). For instance, the U.S. government is not developing the one People, the Law of Nature and of Nature's God, and the self-evident truths.

Instead of developing equal wealth of 10% of 'one People', Congress and republicans and democrats are developing unequal laws so that 1% and 9% of the 'one People' can earn 6.5% of the annual wealth of the USA. And, instead of developing equal wealth of 90% of 'one People', the President and democrats develop unequal laws so that 90% of 'one People' can earn only 33.5% of the annual wealth of the USA. Thus, the republicans and democratic parties have converted the 'one People' of the DOI into 'three People.' The 'three People' was developed in the USA by republican and democratic people, who installed the British economy of Adam Smith.

In 1832, Henry Clay hoped to maintain the 'one people' with the American Economic System. (click), It is clear to me that the 'one People' of the USA was converted wrongly into a 'three People' system after President Lincoln eliminated slavery and was assassinated. J.P. Morgan proposed the 'one People' by developing a 'national manufacturing system. But, Teddy Roosevelt disagreed. So, a 'three People' of the USA began to develop.

However, Herbert Hoover became President and saw 'three People' as a natural nation. However, 'nature' does not govern humans. Nature did not recover the depression in 1929, when I was born. In 1933, FDR became president. In 1939, WWII came. (click) During WWII, the 'three People' became similar to 'one People.' When the 1970s went into a depression and caused a double digit economy, the republicans and democrats changed 'one People' to the 'three People.' Currently, a new 'four People' nation is developing in the USA because many very rich People are appearing. This development will open new wars, terrorism, and criminal acts. The development of 'one People' is the only way to stop wars, terrorism, and criminal acts. A 'three or four People' nation cannot pass their riches to their children because family genes do not exist. When a person dies, that person will be reborn in any nation on any planet.  Wealth is not something good to any nation..

I say that the States of the USA must act on the current and terrible U.S. government by abolishing it regularly in order to maintain the necessity of 'one People' of the States and the USA. For example, the parks, roads, colleges, and homes of all Americans must become equal, as Thomas Jefferson thought.

My books below about God and the Universe are in agreement with the work of Gottfried Leibniz:

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