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Thursday, February 25, 2016

887.Benjamin Franklin Was The First President of the USA

I conclude that nations are not developing the democracies properly. So, let me help Americans learn how the colonists became a democracy In my first correction of the U.S. democracy, I show. that Benjamin Franklin was the first President of the USA and that t George Washington was the next president.

The separation of the USA from England was not caused by the Stamp Act. On November 1, 1765, the Stamp Act did go into effect by England. But, the effect was rejected by the colonists on March 18, 1765, The effect was rejected because the colonists had known that new sciences existed was  Europe. So, before the Stamp Act was effected by England, the colonists sent Benjamin Franklin to in Europe in order to learn these new sciences.

Thus, on June 15, 1766 Franklin went to Europe. And on July 19, 1766, Ben become a member of the German Royal Society of Science at Gottingen, which was becoming one of the greatest university in the world. But,, on August 16, 1772, Ben was also elected to the French Academy of Science. Then, after Ben learned these new sciences in Germany and France, on January 1775, Ben went to England and presented solutions to the Stamp Act to the House of Lords. But, the Lords rejected Ben's solutions. So, in March, Ben gave up and came home.

On May 5, 1775, Ben returned to Philadelphia. On May 6, 1755, Ben became a delegate of the Second Continental Congress. Then on July 21, 1755 Ben submitted the Articles of Confederation For United Colonies. And, on July 26, 1755 Ben was elected postmaster general by Congress. Essentially, these two actions made Ben the first President of the USA on July 26, 1775. Then, when Ben was dying and died on April 17, 1790, in 1789, George Washington became the second President of the USA. Thus, Ben was the first USA president on July 26, 1775. These real facts will be found in the Franklin Chronology of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. On March 9, 1790,  Ben presented two important statements in his chronology: (1) immortality of the human soul and (2)  doubts as to the divinity of Jesus.

Next,  I will show how  the  true. democracy of the USA was never developed.

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