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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How a Life Scientist Becomes An Atheist Unknowingly

A life scientist becomes an atheist unknowingly by following blindly those physical scientists and mathematicians who reject God and have already become atheists. A physical thing lured these physical scientists and mathematicians into atheism and this same thing is luring the life scientists. This physical thing is known as a mechanism. I say that a mechanism has no life. On the other hand, modern physical scientists claim that their mechanisms are able to produce living things such as human beings, trees, etc. However, they have never found a mechanism that produces life. Today, many life scientists are lured by the mechanisms of the physical scientists. So, modern life scientists search for mechanisms that can be swallowed, inserted into a person with a needle, etc. in order to correct a medical problem of a human, dog, cat, cow, chicken, etc. Many of these life scientists work in a pharmaceutical company and make different ‘pills’ or different ’bottles of fluids"for many different medical problems.

However, the pills and bottles of fluids can have side effects that make the medical problem of a person worse. Often, these pills and bottles of fluids cause death. Further, our modern life scientists are not able to solve all medical problems. For instance, cancer and many other medical problems are not being solved with mechanisms. Is it possible that no mechanisms exist in any living thing? There is evidence that life will never be produced by any mechanism. This evidence means that a living thing has no mechanisms at all. The absence of mechanisms in a living thing would explain why ‘pills’ and ‘bottles of fluid’ have side effects and why some medical problems are not being solved.

The mechanisms of the physical scientists and the pills and bottles of fluid of today’s life scientists arose from atheistic thoughts. Such thoughts reject God and the existence of a spiritual universe. The atheist also eliminates the spirit of the human body by making the brain the governor of the body and making the body a mechanism. Perhaps, it is time to restudy those parts of the medical system that have been ineffective by bringing God back into the life of all scientists and all mathematicians. I discuss the problems of mechanisms and many different sciences in my book on ‘The First Scientific Proof of God’.


  • At 3:14 PM, Anonymous thorn said…

    our modern life scientists are not able to solve all medical problems.

    Of course scientists haven't solved all medical problems. But they have come up with cures for many. In contrast, prayer, for instance, cures nothing. If you dislike pills and potions so much, try quitting your medicines for diabetes and your heart problems and pray instead. See how well that works out.

  • At 5:56 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    To thorn,

    Nice to hear from you again.

    My first experience in this blogging effort makes me feel that I work for a newspaper. I do not have enough time to produce a perfect and completed message. So, always read in between the lines I write. And, do not hesitate a challenge to me because our symbolic languages are very weak.

    Only recently, when I had open heart surgery from Dr. Charles Roberts in Winchester, VA, we talked. He told me that he believes that a spiritual world exists. And, I said that surgery is one part of the medical care system that is closing into perfection. We also spoke briefly of the mind and body relations. Opening talks with a US medical surgeon was indeed a pleasure.

    In my posting today. I do not mean that the medical care system should be shut down in favor of prayers. I do not pray, at least the way most religious people pray. I pray by working my mind, senses, and thoughts in Nature constantly. This form of praying is different but informs God of my consciousness and situation continuously.

    My words always seek improvements in man. With my words,I mean to say that other things in the medical care system can also be improved by disconnecting the medical care system from the mechanical ideas of the physical sciences.

    Essentially, my words in this blog argue that living things do not have mechanisms. So, look elsewhere for solutions to other medical problems.


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