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Friday, November 10, 2006

Reincarnation and Resurrection, Continued

Yesterday, I opened a discussion of the theory of reincarnation and included my theory of resurrection. I defined reincarnation as a life after death on the same planet. And, I defined resurrection as a life after death on a planet in a different galaxy. Here, I will expand my thoughts on these two theories based on specific teachings of Jesus Christ.

The theory of reincarnation is based on Christ’s teaching in the Bible at John 3:3, which says, ‘I say unto thee Except a men be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.’ To see God’s Kingdom, one must sense phenomena of God’s Kingdom and transform these phenomena into knowledge of this Kingdom. This is the process of science. Since knowledge of God’s Kingdom grows but can never be completed, all humans must be reincarnated eternally. So, human life continues forever. Today, many people seek only power and wealth. Others seek knowledge of God’s Kingdom. For instance, they seek knowledge of the (1) infrastructure of life, such as found in stones, water, suns, and energy fuel, and (2) life, such as found in plants, animals, and humans Yet, all humans live after death. Since a monotheistic God is wise, the theory of reincarnation gives life after death and favors the growth of knowledge over the growth of power and wealth. This favoring insures that all people are able to see the Kingdom of God. So, people need not lie underground in a coffin after death waiting for the sun to die.

The theory of resurrection is based on Christ’s teaching in the Bible at Matthew, Chapter 24. There, Christ tells us that the sun darkens and that we will see signs of the sun’s darkening. The signs are that the sun seems to be falling out of heaven and the stars in heaven seem to be shaking. When these signs are seen, planet earth will slowly fall into the hot sun where it becomes fuel for the sun’s nuclear furnace. When the sun darkens, Christ says that some people will be saved, just like Noah used a boat to save living things during a bad flood on planet earth. I conclude that this saving is a necessary act of God to save the level of knowledge that man has gained on planet earth. So, although life begins on a new planet in a new galaxy, human knowledge of God’s Kingdom does not begin on the new planet. Since human life never ends, human knowledge of God’s Kingdom grows continually, no matter where man lives.

My theory of recarnation is based on my belief that space flight is limited to flights within a galaxy. On the other hand, my theory of resurrection is based on my belief that only God can move a spiritual atom from one galaxy to another galaxy Thus, I do not believe that a reincarnation process and resurrection process would be possible without spiritual atoms and the teaching of by Christ on these two theories.


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