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Monday, February 19, 2007

Revisiting My Blogging Activities With Some of Today’s Mathematicians

On my blog of August 5, 2006, I made a suggestion to restudy the field of mathematics. On August 18, 2006, a response was made. (Click) A second response was made on August 18, 2006. (Click) And, on July 20, 2006, a third response was made. (Click) The last comments to these three responses were by August 23, 2006. However, on Jan. 17, 2007, a new comment was added to the third response by Norm Breyfogle. He says:

[Checking the definition of the word "God" as a testable hypothesis leads one inevitable to the final and necessary compromise concept of "God" as identical with the concept of "existence."Both are arguable, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.

This does not make either the word "existence" or the word "God" meaningless, but it does set these word’s meanings outside of the purview of science and into the realm of tautology, mysticism, poetry, metaphor, and symbolism.]

These latest words continue to reject my first scientific proof of God. But, these words also separate Science from Theology/Religion permanently. These words are the words of atheism. But they are very troublesome for the human race because God, the Universe, and Life can never be unified as a whole. Essentially, these words eliminate God. This elimination creates a purely physical Universe and materialistic Life, which eliminates the kind of Life that God created.

However, the words of Breyfogle express the ignorance found today in the field of mathematics. Unfortunately, this ignorance is being passed onto our children and schools teachers. It is thus ignorant to say that only the words of God might be found in symbolism. The truths about symbolism were found by the field of linguistics in the 1920s. On P. 8 of my book, I discuss this important discovery. I show that symbols are needed to know God, the universe, and life. In my book, I teach that a single symbol language must be developed to know everything --- God, the Universe and Life.

Since God is monotheistic, all words in God form identities. So, Breyfogle was correct to say that God and existence form an identity. The consequence of having identities in God is that no identities will be found in the Universe or Life. Thus, only different symbols will be found in our studies of the Universe or studies of Life. Since each symbol has a unique meaning, the meanings of God, the Universe, and Life will be slowly revealed to our minds through the symbols we create. Obviously, man’s creation of symbols and them meanings guide the development of our knowledge. Accordingly, my suggestion of restudying the field of mathematics still holds. Today's pic thus represents the place that the fields of science and mathematics will finally live if they do not restudy their past and future.

It is unfortunate that Science and Theology/Religion became separated after the imprisonment of Galileo by the roman Church. Now, the human problem is to unify them. The longer this unification is delayed, the longer human conflicts will exist.


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