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Monday, February 12, 2007

Studying God, Life's Infrastructure, and Life With Pie Charts

The pic on the left shows a typical geometrical cone. It is standing on its base. The cone can be used to model the whole world consisting of God, the universe, and life. The pic on the right shows that the American Indians also used the cone. They used the cone to make a wigwam in which they lived. To model the whole world with the cone, one merely adds a geometrical spiral to the cone so that it can wind on the surface of the cone. Thus, the spiral and cone exist simultaneously. The cone forms the universe's infrastructure of life whereas the spiral forms all life forms. The vortex exists because all created things of God originate there as one. They become many different things with the circular and spiral motion God gives them.
The circular motions that God gives to created things cause the bases of the cone to grow. Obviously, The first base of the cone is very small and will not be sensed. But, as the created things of the universe increase and include life, the universe grows and the bases of the cones become larger and larger. Since the base of the cone not limited by an unlimited God, the cone can grow forever. The spiral motion represents the motion of all living things. The spiral has the potential to become infinitely large because God's infinity is able to expand the infrastructure of life forever.
The cone/spiral model can be used to manage the specific infrastructure of life and the specific life of any life-supporting solar system. This managing job requires the use of cuts through the cone. A horizontal cut through a cone will produces a circle. Other conics can be formed by cuts. For instance, cuts through a cone will produce a parabola, an ellipse, or hyperbola. The pic on the left is a cut through a green cone and reveals a parabola. Studies of our life's infrastructure, which is our solar system, can be conducted with the horizontal cut because this cut produces a circle that can be formed into a pie chart. Such a pie chart is shown in the pic on the right. Different pie charts can display the different contents of life on planet earth. Such pie charts can detect the rise and fall of life on this whole planet or in any nation. In general, many religious leaders, political leaders, and dictators will not want to use these pie charts because the charts are scientific tools that can guide man and a nation. This is why it is time to rid the world of all irrational mysteries, religious leaders, ungodly political leaders, and dictators. The cone, spiral, and pie charts will not be found in any scripture.


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