Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bar Charts and Pie Charts Can Increase Our Truths About God, the Universe, and Life

Let me explain when bar charts and pie charts can be used beyond using them to connect God to the universe. To make the universe, a monotheistic God creates spiritual atoms first. Then, God causes them to form different finite things in accordance the Intelligent Design he chose. Since the number of spiritual atoms is coming from an unlimited monotheistic God, the spiritual atoms are both eternal and unlimited in number. Each spiritual atom is ‘in’ all different things that God decided to create. Thus, a spiritual atom is never free. Instead, each spiritual atom is functioning in some way for some thing. So, the universe can be seen as a system of functionally related spiritual atoms.

This kind of universe is presented in "The First Scientific Proof of God.’ Accordingly, this kind of universe has never been presented before June 2006 to the scientists and theologians of the world. Many of the conceptions of God, the universe, and life presented by theologians and scientists today are thus very different. One example is the Big Bang world theory. A second example is the identity of the mind and brain. And, a third example is the free market economy. All three examples require the use of bar charts and pie charts because life is imbedded in these three examples. Instead of assuming that life is in the universe, most of today’s physical and life scientists reject the existence of God and assume that the universe, the brain, and an economy either are purely physical or have material life, but have no spiritual life. These rejections of God are human errors, which cause many different social problems.

Many different views of God and the rejection of God led to many different theologies and many different sciences. Yet, only one real God and only two real sciences, a physical science and a life science, will be found by man. So, there is only one theology to explain God; one physical science to explain the universe that supports life; and one life science to explain all different forms of life. It is obviously that man has become highly confused with respect to ‘reality.’ Since the reality that God has made simply is ‘many different wholes,’ the opportunities to put the bar charts and pie charts to very useful work seems clear.

The pic is a model of Jesus Christ, who represents man of living among living things. This is the life of man who has a spirit and body


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