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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some Help for Today’s Mathematicians and Scientists

Yesterday, I said that God and a created universe can be known by man only with symbols. This is a true statement because man is the only living species that can create and use symbols. All other animals are limited to creating and using signs. Today, too few people know the differences between a sign and a symbol. People, who are in the know, would agree that signs are ‘operators’ whereas symbols are ‘designators.’

For instance, to protect a specie from its predators, a deer will operate the tail to warn the rest of the deer in a herd of the presence of a predator. But, man also creates and uses signs. For instance, many mothers shake a bell indicating that dinner is ready. The bell sign is thus a stimulus-response situation. The sign of the bell has no necessary connection to the meaning we gave to the sound of the bell. However, all symbols have necessary meanings. For this reason, our dictionaries require a major reform.

I suggest that all mathematicians and scientists study the Thirteenth Symposium of the Conference of Science, Philosophy, and Religion in 1952 at Columbia University. ( See, Lyman Bryson, Louis Finkelstein, R. M. Maciver, and Richard McKeon (Editors, 1954) Symbols and Values: An Initial Study, distributed by Harper & Brothers.) At this conference, many Americans were confused.

I believe that our mathematicians and scientists do not understand how to create and use symbols because physicists discovered hundreds of laws of physics rapidly. They had too much production, too rapidly, from only six well defined basic physical qualities (charge, temperature, mass, length, time, and angle). Instead of trying to determine exactly why they can perform dimensional analyses and find new numerical laws simply, they left the determination of this ease as a mystery.

It is clear that the laws of physics do not apply everywhere. The law of gravity, for instance, was found not to apply in the regions where atoms-like particles are found. I found that the true atoms are spiritual, rather than physical. Thus, the beginning of the universe is not physical. So, a universe that has a physical beginning and ending does not exist. This means that the Big Bang theory is a wasted effort. Further, the initial wholes of the universe, which are formed from the spiritual atoms, might not obey Einstein’s famous energy equation. So, other higher forms of energy seem to exist. And, when Kepler found that only the first six planets were governed by Plato’s five nested solids, the laws of physics can be expected to change as man goes deeper and deeper into space.

Scientists must consider a monotheistic God as a possible reality. If they do, they might conclude quickly that all true symbols are performing functions for real things in the universe. Since these real things are images of God, they have different meanings because no two things in the universe are identical. A shift of thoughts to ‘things’ is thus necessary.


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