Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A George Shollenberger Report to All Scientists Worldwide

The time is coming when people must decide whether they believe in God or not. This decision is becoming increasingly necessary because the world’s population, poverty, disease, and ignorance are growing. These growths are leading to international conflicts and wars over national resources and economies. Those people who sit on the fence between these two decisions are also increasing. Those who stand there are the atheists. Some of them will believe in God, not because scriptures say, but only if God’s existence is proven. A second group of atheists says that God’s existence can never be proven. They are atheistic scientists and evolutionists who believe in the Big Bang and evolutionary theories.

About eleven months ago I offered a scientific proof of God in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. Only the atheistic scientists and evolutionists are rejecting this proof. They are the atheists who say that God cannot be proven. The purpose of this report is to explain to all scientists that a belief in God is the only rational decision.

I argue that the Big Bang theory is false. My argument is based on the logical statement, ‘that all finite things in the universe must originate in an infinite qua infinite thing’. It is thus a contradiction to say that all finite things can be originated by a finite thing. If all finite things in the universe come from an exploding thing, the origin of the exploding thing must still be an infinite qua infinite thing. Clearly, the only infinite qua infinite thing is God. The Big Bang theory is a creation theory that its followers are trying to reduce. It is thus false. God’s creation is an open system and has no beginning or end. Further, if it is true, the Big Bang theory would have to produce living things out of nonliving things. Such a production process has never been found or ever observed. So, both the Big Bang and evolutionary theories are false. But, their falsities could heve been expected because the field of physics and its string theory are falling apart. The physicists do not know the origin of the physical laws. But they would get a hint if they sought knowledge of God by taking a look at my scientific proof of God.

For millions of years, man had the hunch that God exists. This hunch turned into formal records of man’s ideas about God and observations about the universe that God made. These records became known as scriptures. I reject the idea that these scriptures were dictated by God because God has no discursive ‘talk language.’ But, my analysis of the New Testament is different because I conclude that the teachings of Jesus Christ are of divine origin. Further research informed me that an infinite God creates a universe that has no end and thus must appear in our world at specific phases. Thus, all people are always reborn after death. How God designed this reincarnation process is unknown. Since I concluded that God cannot talk with us, I did learn that God and every person exchange information.

The error of the atheists with respect to my scientific proof of God is their demand to limit all human thought to logical reasoning. Thus, they are viewing the world as a machine. Their error emerges from their ignorance of a monotheistic God. A monotheistic God has no discursive talk language. To understand God, we must develop symbolic languages in all sciences, just as physicists developed physical laws. The symbols begin in our minds as new ideas where they are only objects of our minds. They do not merely represent objects in the things we find in the universe. With our ability to perceive, symbols give us the ability to conceive God’s design of the universe. With precise meanings of symbols, we can conceive God’s design accurately. It is thus clear that God made our minds so that we can rise above logical reasoning to prove God, increase our understanding of Him, and conceive new ideas about the universe forever. I lifted my mind above logic to find that God exists and is the origin of all finite things.

Clearly, it is time for the real scientists to stand up and be counted. It is also time to remove the Big Bang and evolutionary theories from the minds of our students. These theories can be replaced by the latest theories about God and the Universe. It is also time to unify the churches, temples, and mosques socially.

For more information about me, see blog 'Who Is George Shollenberger?' (April 13, 2007).


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