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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Falsifying My Scientific Proof of God

I found the following words in my Encyclopaedia Britannica: 2006: CD

"As has been conceded by all competent philosophers of science and even by the greatest scientist- philosophers of the century --- Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schröödinger, and others --- there is no straight logical path, no standard recipe, by which to move from the data of observation and arrive at scientific theories (of their origin)."

So, let me present the path I used to prove the existence of God.

God is verified ontologically by Nicholas if Cusa by negating all positives in the universe. With negation, any positive become not finite or infinite. These infinities are beings in our minds. However, since all finite things are realities in the universe and have not been destroyed, they must have their origin in a higher being. This higher being is God. With a second negation, we can identify God as the coincidence of infinite and finite and that all opposites coincide in God. Nicholas also shows that absolute maximum and absolute minimum coincide in God. The implication is that maximums and minimums are relative in the universe. Another implication is that the opposites found in the universe are relative rather than absolutely different. In the universe all opposites are thus functional relations not logical relations.

The pic of Karl Popper provides a way to manage scientific theories when 'all things' are being considered and cannot be verified. His way is known as falsification. My proof of God cannot be verified scientifically because 'all finite things' cannot be counted. But, this proof is scientific because it can be falsified by four independent theories: (1) by proving that the Big Bang theory is true or by proving that the Big Bang theory is not a logical contradiction; (2) by proving Darwin's evolution theory, (3) by proving that the Yang-Mills physical particle theory, which is 'asymptotic freedom" for physical particles, is false, and (4) by proving that all zero-points fields are physical.

To falsify my proof of God the Big Bang scientists must prove the origin of the exploding particle; Darwinists must prove that life originates in physical matter; physicists must prove that Yang-Mills 'asymptotic freedom' is not asymptotic; and physicists must find a true physical atom.

Since I conclude that these falsifying theories will never be proven, I conclude that it is time for all nations in the world and atheists to 'bite the bullet' on the subject of God.


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