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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A True History Never Told Before

This true history is a drama. Kenneth Burke would say that life is a series of dramas. And Shakespeare would say that life is play within a play. Burke uses five analytical factors that form a grammar of the motives of people. I am not an expert on Burke’s analytical method. So, I hope a Burkean might look at this drama. The five factors are as follows: (1) acts (what is done), (2) scenes (when or where is the act done), (3) actors (who did it), (4) means (how the people did it), and (5) purposes (why a person acts).

Act I. The drama begins on July 4, 1776 when the American colonists built a new and governed society. This new society would be based on the two-party, social contract of England’s John Locke. The founders defined one party as the new society with the Declaration of Independence. And, the founders defined the other party as the new government with the Constitution. Then, something went wrong after the Lincoln assassination because the Constitution became a permanent part of the US body of laws whereas the Declaration of Independence became a part of these laws only through the Lincoln Administration. The Supreme Court must explain this unusual truth to ‘the people’ immediately. The founding documents clearly tell us that the USA was going to develop a self-sufficient Union under God. However, even though 98% of the USA citizens are believers today, a self-sufficient Union under God was never developed by the government after the Lincoln assassination. It seems that Supreme Court allowed the purpose of the USA to be changed by private interests without approval of ‘the people’ of the new society.

Act II. During the first presidency of George Washington, the colonists begin to build a self-sufficient Union. Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists began to develop manufactures with the funding help of the federal government. The First and Second National Bank (1791-1811) and (1816 - 1836) are created to support this funding. But, Patrick Henry and the Anti-Federalists, which were led by John Adams, opposed a strong national government because the manufactures were making a rich class of industrialists. So, the Anti-Federalists began to promote States’ rights. They gave the States rights by amending the Constitution with the Bill of Rights in 1791. However, under God, only humans have rights. Man cannot give rights to creations made by man. All States’ rights are violating the ‘Laws of Nature’s God.’ These laws are identified in the Declaration of Independence.‘ Then, in 1801, Thomas Jefferson becomes president. He thought that the new society should build a nation of farmers. Further, the free traders in the new society wanted to build a trading nation as England did with ships. From 1809 to 1829, Presidents Madison, Monroe, and John Q. Adams and his VP, John C. Calhoun, continued to support nationalism and the idea of a self-sufficient Union.

Act III. In the 1820s, the 1776 discussion of the founders on slavery would become public. The Southern producers of cotton for England’ textile industry needed low-cost labor and wanted to make slavery legal. As the VP under Andrew ‘Old Hickory’ Jackson (1829-1837), John C. Calhoun lost his interest in nationalism and was expressing his new interest, on States’ rights. Calhoun rationalized slavery as a property right of humans under God. However, in the run for the 1861 presidency, Abe Lincoln viewed the Declaration of Independence as a part of the body of US law and concluded that God created all men equal. Calhoun died in 1850. But, the 1857 Dred Scott Decision of the Supreme Court also rationalized slavery by reinterpreting the statement --- that all men are created equal --- in the Declaration of Independence. In order to win the 1861 presidency, Charles Darwin’s book on the Origin of the Species was rushed from England to the Southern States in 1859. Fortunately, Lincoln won the 1861 presidency. To save the Union and the Declaration of Independence, Lincoln prepared the Emancipation Proclamation. It made slavery illegal. He also opened the third National Bank in 1863 to standardize the nation’s banks. After the Civil War, Lincoln reconstructed and industrialized the South. He was assassinated in 1865.

Act IV. After the presidency of the Unionist, Andrew Johnson (1865-1869), the Republican party took control of the White House until 1885. Then, the Republicans and Democrats played see saw for control of the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Today, these political parties still play see saw with the life of Americans. But, after the Lincoln Administration, the Union and the idea of a self-sufficient nation under God died away. However, these deaths would cause the USA to return to England’s arbitrary and godless government and England’s laissez-faire economy. In other words, history must show that the US Revolutionary War became a purposeless event.

After Lincoln’s death, a permanent rich class and poor class began to develop. The first rich class was formed by the so-called ‘Big Families.’ (Astors, Morgans, Rockefellers, etc.). This rich class sought wealth in industries and the natural resources, such iron, steel, coal, oil, etc. The ‘gold standard’ of the1870s and the 1913 central bankers of the Federal Reserve System helped to make the rich class. A middle class would not appear until WWII ended and the GI Bill of Rights would educate many Americans. However, the poor class would lead to new and undesirable human behaviors. For instance, going West for gold met the gunslingers. And in the 1920s, the first organized criminal activity emerged. By 1929, the second economic depression appeared. But, WWII was only a decade away.

Act V. WWII required the USA to build a ‘gun economy.’After the war economists concluded that WWII doubled the US economy in five years. They say that this gun economy doubled the living standards. But, what did this doubling produce. By 2005 (60 years), the life of an American moved from the life presented by the Little Rascals, who enjoyed to smell the apple pies on the window of homes in the 1930s to the life to day of mature children, many who have no purpose in life. Some of them have become child molesters and rapists. Others are filling our prisons, stealing credit card and scamming seniors. Today, we hear of depleting oil, high pump prices, high home costs, school murders, and Internet pornography. And we always seem to be in some war. We had a cold war, a Korean war, a Viet Nam war, an Afghanistan war, and terrorism. Now we are involved in an Iraq war where suicide bombers murder people daily. Are we losing our world leadership fast after WWII?

The GI Bill of Rights produced new talents, new cars, and new music to American life in the 1950s. Then, in the 1960s, the life of Americans changes drastically. They experience the great space program and the landing on the moon. But, a drug problem developed, a very high crime rate developed, and CEOs, who serve the rich class and their children, are now part of the rich class. This accelerated growth of the rich class has already destroyed the meaning of money. Money has become both the end and the means. Today, the rich class is again destroying the middle class who had been built by the GI Bill of Rights.

In the 1970s, Americans experience new events such as high divorce rates, family busts, double-digit inflation, crack cocaine, and a resigning president. But, the 1980s, our sciences began to fail because God has been removed from the USA. Atheism is trying to influence intellectual groups and public educational system. It is also shaping the MINDSETS of the liberal movement and Hollywood.

Act VI. Where is this drama going? No American can answer this question. However, Americans can answer this question if they return to God, begin to build a self-sufficient nation under a monotheistic God, and develop peace treaties with all other nations who do believe in God. In my book, I prove scientifically the existence of God. I believe that our founders knew that someone would find God eventually. I show that a monotheistic God is slightly different from some of Western world religions teachings. But, these differences are minor. More importantly, all Western world religions can now unify with ease. This unification, as my book shows, will make life beautiful in the whole Western world. If the path of this drama is not changed, irrationalities will grow and new wars will be certain. These wars could b very ugly.


  • At 3:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Kenneth Burke wrote extensively on Shakespeare --

    in fact, his account of dramatism is likely inspired by his interpretations of Shakespeare's plays.

    (and Happy birthday, George.)

  • At 5:38 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…


    Thanks. How can we introduce Burke to Americans so they develop a desire for education?Education is overpowered by TV today. Being entertained is a bad behavior of our new generations.



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