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Friday, June 15, 2007

Sequiturs and Non-Sequiturs Are Concepts of Atheism, Not God, III

I am coming to the conclusion that the use of the concepts, sequiturs and non-sequiturs, is limited to atheism. This means that 98% of the people of the USA does not use these concepts. More specifically, they seem to be used on the atheistic theory of Darwin’s evolution and that theory of artificial intelligence that attempts to create a human machine. This attempt is atheistic and aligns to Darwin’s evolution. I came to this conclusion after a few atheists played words with me on the concept that many people call MINDSET.

Atheists believe that they do not have a soul. But, I believe that all people have souls. The souls are perceiving spiritual atoms, which I use in my new and modern creation theory. When our souls receive a body, the body forms many organs for the body, including a brain. And when a soul is born, the MINDSET must begin and develop. Let me present my own theory of the MINDSET.

The initial step of the MINDSET development occurs when the soul perceives Mother. However, to conceive Mother, the soul must have the organs to develop the MINDSET. The soul’s ability to perceive, and the ability of the body’s organs to develop the MINDSET, can distinguish and unify the different facial gestalten (or wholeness) that Mother expresses in her face. With Mother’s smile, for instance, the baby learns to smile back to Mother. This unity and the Mother’s gestalten differences form the beginning and growth of the MINDSET. Then, when a person dies, almost all of the MINDSET and almost all of the body becomes disconnected from the soul. Only a soul-seeding body remains and awaits for its 2nd, 3rd, 4th ... etc. reincarnation, perhaps to a higher stage of consciousness.

Now, I ask. How can any person believe that a mechanical robot is able to gain the intelligence of a human being? My answer is, only if that person is an atheist who does not know God.


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