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Friday, June 08, 2007

Some of Today’s Change Agents

The world is undergoing changes today. Some of these changes are major changes and are being promoted by major change agents. One example is the expansion of Islam and its major change agent is a Muslim known as Osama Bin Laden, Major changes are also occurring in the fields of science, theology, and religion. Below, I identify the ongoing changes in these fields and some of the new agents who are promoting change.

Three scientific theories are failing. We can expect drastic changes in the fields of physics and biology soon. One theory is the godless Big Bang theory proposed by the field of physics. It is opposed by many scientists and the LaRouche Group (see their writings). One new US change agent is the astrophysicist, Bernard Haisch. See his book, "The God Theory." The second theory is the superstring theory proposed by mathematicians and particle physics who decided to align themselves to the relativism and religions of the Far East. This theory is opposed by an increasing number of US mathematicians and physicists. One new US change agent is the mathematical physicist, Peter Woit. See his book, "Not Even Wrong." The third failure is the godless evolution theory proposed by the biologist, Charles Darwin. It is opposed by many religions and the US Discovery Institute. One new change agent is the biologist, Michael Behe. See his book, "Darwin’s Black Box."

The field of theology, which is the study of God, has become very weak with respect to methodology. But, its methods will change drastically soon. No longer can a theologian expect a second coming of God, the judgment of people by Jesus Christ, and the end of the world. The negative theology of Nicholas of Cusa will soon dominate all theological studies. Its change agents for Germany, Japan, the USA, and other catholic nations are led by the US American Cusanus Society (ACS). The ACS, which is aligned to the Catholic Church, is producing many new books about Nicholas. I discuss many of Nicholas’ thoughts in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God.

The glue that kept different religions together in the Western world is almost gone. The glue that still remains is Jesus Christ, fundamentalism, reformists, New Age, the Catholic Church, and the TV religions. The new change agents in this field are those people who are developing scientific proofs of God. General and particular scientific proofs are appearing. My proof is general and uses all phenomena in the universe whereas the other proofs use particular phenomena in the universe. Examples of particular phenomena are the human brain and the photon.

This blog on changes is important to teachers and parents who must make educational decisions for children.


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