Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Scientific Proof of God Causes Change in the Field of Religion, I

Until a scientific proof of God was found, believers in God had to depend on scriptures to guide their thoughts and behaviors. In the Western world, religious leaders also taught that scriptures are the inspired words of God. The scientific proof of God challenges this teaching because God exists alone in a higher world. This higher world distinguishes God completely from those things that God creates in our finite world. Accordingly, a physical gap separates God from all finite things. Unfortunately, this gap prevents God from guiding the physical fingers of people who make scriptures.

Although we cannot bridge this gap, God must bridge it in order to create finite things. We know that God crosses this gap because we see finite things everywhere. In my book, I show that God can cross this gap if He unfolds an infinite set of indivisible spirits. These spirits are the true atoms found by Gottfried Leibniz. These spirits combine and form an infinite set of bodies such as humans, suns, trees, dogs, water, etc. This is why we see finite things everywhere.

However, since God gives independence (or freedom) to all living things, God must also bridge this gap from time to time in order to guide the progress of the godly Kingdom He created in our finite world. By using one of the above infinite number of spirits, God can cross this gap. This is a special spirit. So, when God makes this crossing, this special spirit becomes a human being and is called the Son of God. The Son of God is thus a divine human being. The birth of Jesus is no longera mystery. I conclude that the teachings of Jesus Christ were the teachings of the Son of God. This was a difficult conclusion to make, as my book shows. For this reason, I argue that the sayings of Jesus in the New Testament are divine. No other religions, other than Christianity and Hinduism, can make this tough argument. Clearly, God’s Intelligent Design of the creation demonstrates that God exists and that the scientific proof of God is true.

The spiritual atoms cannot be destroyed by any natural force. Thus, death must be redefined. Thus, people who believe only in one life here on earth should reconsider their thoughts. Further, people who believe that they have no work responsibilities to God should also reconsider their thoughts.


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