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Thursday, June 14, 2007

US Science is Either Stalled or Failing: A Major Problem for the US Government

Before I retired in 1994 from the US Department of Justice, I had a call from a man in California. He would also retire soon. We talked about the new scientists. He said that they are very different morally and lacked purposes of life other than earning as much money as they can. Today, I do notice on this website that many US scientists are atheists.

Apparently, the US field of science is becoming atheistic. This change is detected if one reviews the history of modern science following the Renaissance. Until the later decades of the 20th century in the USA, the modern scientists were believers in God. Using God in every project, they found hundreds of laws of physics and chemistry. The same can be said about the US field of mathematics who had been believers and produced the great 19th century progress in the field of mathematics.

My research informs me that the beliefs of scientists and mathematics began to turn toward atheism around the early years of the 1970s when President Nixon was pressured to reduce funding of the space program. This reduction put many scientists and mathematicians out of work. Because the physicists were not finding the physical atoms of the universe, it was also about 37 years ago that the field of physics announced its ‘standard model,’ a model that would organize the atom smashing findings of particle physicists into quarks. This realm of quarks is what a philosopher of science calls ‘the infinitely small.’ The infinitely small contains those low-mass organizations that satisfy our every day, physical needs for life on a planet. These organizations obey the hundreds of physical laws that I mentioned above. But, only some physicists and mathematicians are working on this standard model.

Instead of working on the standard model, some astrophysicists and their mathematical friends ‘went for the gold.’ This gold is expected to be found in the realm of thought known as cosmology, which a philosopher of science calls ‘the infinitely large.’ The gold is the ‘ultimate equation’ that explains a godless universe. The gold is sought by two projects. One is the Big Bang theory and the other is the string and superstring theories.

After finding my scientific proof of God, I learned that God is not being included in the standard model, the Big Bang theory, the string and superstring theories, and the ultimate equation. Without God, I conclude that these new modern scientists and their projects will fail. This means that useful productions of a whole generation of scientists will be lost.

In time, I learned that this atheistic work in the field of physics is funded primarily by the US government. I also learned that these projects would not be published if God was considered by the project personnel. This is when I began to study the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the social contract theory of John Locke. This contract theory guided the founding of the USA. In this study I found that the US Supreme court made a very big error with respect to the Declaration of Independence. The error is that the Court includes the Constitution in US body of US laws but not the Declaration of independence. By excluding the Declaration of Independence in the US body of laws, I concluded that the early Supreme Court either did not read Locke’s social contract theory or misinterpreted this theory. This error has major ramifications because it removes both God and religion from the US government when only religion has been denied by the founding documents.

The negative effects of this Supreme court error are expanding rapidly because government-funded projects in science are either stalled or failing. Today, there is little good news in the field of science. The stalled science projects are found in the life sciences. For instance, improvements in the fields of economics and medical care (cancer, etc.) are not coming. I conclude that the life sciences must separate from the physical sciences immediately. The failing sciences are the standard model, the Big Bang theory, the string and superstring theories, and the ultimate equation.

The longer this Supreme Court error exists, the more new US problems will emerge and the less security US citizens will possess.


  • At 3:49 PM, Blogger L. Frank Morgan said…

    You are very right but for a bit more complicated reason than you state: Einstein said it best a long time ago: "Science without religion is lame, Religion without science is blind". If interested see my completion of his theory please visit at:

  • At 7:57 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Hi I. frank morgan,

    Well, I thought I would not have to refer to personalities, such as Einstein, or the Bible to tell people about God after I discovered the first scientific proof of God. So, I am in the waiting mode hoping that the people will wake up soon. Big changes will take place when 'their lights go on.'

    Thanks for your website.


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