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Friday, June 15, 2007

Sequiturs and Non-Sequiturs Are Concepts of Atheism, Not God, I

I reviewed some books that I purchased since 1970 on the geometry of life. A popular book was "The Geometry of Art and Life " by Matila Ghyka, Dover Publications, 1977. This book is about Plato’s aesthetics on the beauty, harmony and proportion of all living things. Plato’s aesthetics are seen in the architecture of buildings throughout Europe. Plato’s aesthetics also applies to cosmology in that his famous five nested solids were used by Kepler to identify the harmonious orbits of the first five planets of our solar system. But, our cosmologists don’t seem to be interested in the geometry of the other planets.

As seen in the book of Professor Ghyka, curved lines, not straight lines, dominate Plato’s beauty. These curves are seen in the great work of Leonardo Da Vinci. Unfortunately, when a US business person makes a building, and must make it at the lowest cost, that person is forced to use straight lines. This form of economy destroys the beauty that was possible in a town or city. Modern economies do not build beautiful towns and cities. Instead, our towns and cities are ugly and ungodly.

Books on the geometry of life should be found in every family’s library for the children to read and study and get to know God better. Other books on the geometry of life are as follows:

Thompson, D'arcy, (1966) "On Growth and Form;" Cambridge University Press;
Hambridge, Jay, (1967)"The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry;" Dover Publications ;
Huntley, H.E.,(1970) "The Divine Proportion;" Dover Publications;
Stevens, Peter S., (1974) "Patterns in Nature;" Little, Brown & Co.;
Murchie, Guy, (1978) "The Seven Mysteries of Life;" Houghton Mifflin;
Cook, Theodore A., (1979) "The Curves of Life;" Dover Publications;
Williams, Robert, (1979) "The Geometrical Foundation of Natural Structure;" Dover Publications.

No sequiturs and non-sequiturs will be found in any of these books. The pic is of Plato. He is pointing to God.


  • At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Maureen L. Hausmeister said…

    "I expect these blogs and the related blogs of other people to be detected by Jesus Christ and those higher intelligent humans who already live on other planets."

    How do you know there are higher intelligent humans already living on other planets? Do they contact you from time to time? Have you visited them on their planets?

  • At 12:42 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    maureen I haousmeister,

    This statements and other statements I make, such as reincarnation, are 'consistent' with our new and modern knowledge of a monotheistic God. I use the concept 'consistent' in a statement because the proof of the statement must still be proven.

    Writers in the Old Testament say that God speaks to them. A modern monotheistic God cannot speak to any human being unless He appears in our workd. I argue that the Son of God appeared as Jesus Christ to speak to us. Thus, Old Testament statements are not much different than my use of the concept 'consistent" in my ststements.

    More and more statements are appearing on TV on UFO's. When people believed that the world is flat, they also disagreed with people of their time who said that the world is not flat.

    No one can stop the flow of new ideas among humans.


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