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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Going Beyond Science and Theology and into Politics

As I said in yesterday’s blog, my book is much more that the proof of God. Thus, I discuss many subjects, including the political system of the USA. With respect to politics, the assassination of Lincoln again becomes the point of departure to understand the nature of significant US political changes after 1776. In the June 19, 2007 blog, I discuss the future of the USA. I also showed that Lincoln’s assassination marks the loss of the Union, the loss of God, and the loss of a self-sufficient nation. These losses bring forth England’s laissez-faire economy, which is a ‘one against all’ economy, a godless/arbitrary government, a godless/arbitrary political system, and arbitrary State’s rights. The Republic and its mottos and music was gone. Ben Franklin knew that we had to hold the Republic. But, we didn’t. So, today the USA is falling away, away and away with no certain security.

While I recommend courses of action in my book to return the USA to the founding documents in the long range, in this blog I want to recommend an immediate course of action for the upcoming election. Since both the Democratic and Republican parties have policies that are inconsistent with God and the Union. Thus, I will remain at the conservative and liberal levels of politics. At this level, I expect my recommendations to cause a political shift toward the Union. Clearly, political science is indeed a science. However, without God as the standard for measurement in every field of thought, only pseudosciences could be found.

Since the conservative party is more consistent with God and the liberal party is more consistent with atheism, the voter can cause the US political system to move toward the Union only through the conservative party. Thus, if a voter follows the liberal party, the voter can cause the US political system to move toward atheism. Thus, I am suggesting that US citizens vote for the Republican candidate this election and other elections until the Union and a single political party exist.

The long range recommendations in my book will rid the conservative party of any inconsistencies that it might have now with God. Under God, there is no need for a two-party political system. So, nothing lost if the liberal party degenerates. For this reason, I believe that a major portion of the liberal party could move to the conservative party after reading my book. If so, only real atheists will remain in the liberal party. The 2008 election could be a surprise and a landslide for the conservative party. Fortunately, I believe that a political shift away from atheism will reduce and eliminate terrorism because the terrorists are followers of a monotheistic God.


  • At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Eli Cohen said…

    "I believe that a major portion of the liberal party could move to the conservative party after reading my book."

    Dream on, George. Your book is currently #1,204,261 on the amazon sales rank. Enough said.

  • At 5:16 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    eli cohen,

    Do you think that Amazon is the only book store in town? Nice try, but your ignorance lacks many truths. You are foolish to believe that atheism has the power to stop the propagation of all books about God everywhere.

    You did not say enough!!!!!!!!!

  • At 1:16 AM, Anonymous yonah weinberg said…

    "You are foolish to believe that atheism has the power to stop the propagation of all books about God everywhere."

    On what basis did you draw that conclusion? Mr. Cohen only wrote about the position of your book on the amazon sales rank.

    Yet another non sequitur from master logician George Shollenberger...

  • At 6:36 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    yonah weinberg,

    Logic has it place. The problem is that locgicians are still unawawe of its place.

    Where did Mr Cohen expect to find the lowest sales? Yes, in the highest price book store. Amazon's interest in book sales is not what it was years ago. Its sales of other products are their new interest.

    Throw your sequiturs and non sequiturs into the circle file and find a useful job.

  • At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Max Rosenberg said…

    "I expect my recommendations to cause a political shift toward the Union."

    As if politicians are interested in your recommendations. One look at the good math bad math website, where you wrote that light from the sun reaches the earth in a fraction of a second (o, the embarassment!), would convince them that you talk a lot about things (science, theology, logic, politics) that are way over your head.

    Be humble, George.

  • At 10:23 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    max rosenberg,

    Did you ever make an error when you thought you did not? I studied astronomy at Johns Hopkins, knew the answer, but did not go into my writing correctly. Perfect Max, eh!!!!!!!!!!!

    The real voters are not going to read your website dirt.

    The logician and atheist look for a person's errors, amplify them, and treat people like animals of some kind. The first page of Mark on me showed me immediately that you guys and gals were going to drag me through the hot coals. Logicians and atheists aren't intelligent. They play dirty pool. So expect it back from me and others.

  • At 11:24 AM, Anonymous max rosenberg said…

    What real scientists don't like about you is your unwillingness to admit that there are so many things you know very little about, like logic or astronomy. They don't like your arrogant teacher antics, when it is clear that you still have so much to learn.

    Be humble, George.

    By the way, when you studied astronomy did they teach you about intelligent humans on other planets?

  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    max rosenberg,

    You have a problem, Max. You never met me, don't know me, never read my book, and don't know by life's work experience and accomplishments.

    I admit immediately if i don't know something. No one could have the life I had if I were unwilling to admit my ignorane. i have always had many scientific friends. Only logicians have changed me. After mark and his friends decided to assassinate my character, I developed a defense.

    Everyone, includingh you, have much to learn. I am humble when I do not know. But I hold my position when I feel that I know. I know your the limits of logic and you do not like that. So, logicians are the ones who act as if they have nothing to learn.

    My statements on life on other planets emerged recently after I found a proof of God and thought about the impact of the spititual atoms that I am applying.monotheistic God

  • At 10:37 AM, Blogger Rev. BigDumbChimp said…

    You seem to be increasingly cranky recently. Are the lagging book sales getting to you?

  • At 1:50 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Hi Robert,

    I get tired by Thursday because my eyes don't work very good by that time. So I might shorten by responses due to fatique.

    No, I am not concerned about book sales. I am happy to know that I produced it. What happens to my book is up to other people now.

    My biggest concern is about the future of my children (4) and grandchildren (8). I do not like the the way things are going in the world.

    If Americans do not read my book, I blame them for not corrcting the Union. The reason for change in the USA is there. And the moral life is also there. I cannot do much more for God or the USA.

  • At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Max Rosenberg said…

    "i have always had many scientific friends. Only logicians have changed me."

    Don't you like to be changed? Is that the deeper reason why you are so critical of logicians?

  • At 11:04 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    response to max rosenberg,

    Aristotle's failure with categorical reasoning and logic, my many scientific ways to prove God, and my study of Plato and Nicholas of Cusa convinced me that I must 'think before I accept and use logic.'

    Logicians do not seem to think before they accept and use logic.

    Euclid's geometry --- parallel lines do not intersect --- is only one warning about logic.


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